Less is More in 2004

By Silver Rose

Less is More in 2004

Yesterday, while talking to a friend, I caught myself delivering a veritable laundry list of all the wonderful and ambitious plans I have for 2004. As I listed the projects, I found myself wanting to add to them, to make it all sound somehow more impressive. I felt myself a bit embarrassed about not having done more in 2003 and wanting him to know that I was determined to be a superstar in 2004. Be all you can be!

Since that call, I’ve been pondering the following:

It’s the New Year. People all over the planet are making resolutions to do more this year. I say, “Let’s do less.”

The Law of Attraction says, “You attract more of what you focus on.” Since most of us are regularly and systematically focused on a vast cornucopia, we end up attracting a wide variety of things, very few of them what we really want.

In a society of instant gratification, we want what we want RIGHT NOW –all of it. Because our focus and energies are so scattered, we end up attracting small pieces of what we want – just enough to keep us frustrated instead of satisfied.

Here’s an idea for 2004. Take a piece of paper (or do it on your computer – it’s easier to sort). Your page should look like this:

Personal Business
1. 1.
2. 2.
On through…… …
11. 11.

In other words, list numbers 1-11 on each side. At first, randomly list up to eleven deliverables for 2004. I say “up to” because you may have four very large deliverables that require greater focus. Eleven is the MOST you want to have. I prefer the word “deliverables” to “goals.” “Deliverable” implies that you will actually do it. “Goal” gives you some wiggle room.

Now, here is how to harness The Law of Attraction in 2004 for BIG results. The numbers 1-11 represent the months of this year. (I always eliminate December since it seems a lost month for accomplishing much – plus it provides a cushion to catch up, if need be). For January, decide which deliverable you will focus on and move it to the top of your list. Then decide on during February, etc. etc. (By the way, you may have one deliverable listed in several months if it’s a big one.)

Each month, as you work with this, you will discover that, by focusing your attention and energy on one deliverable, instead of spreading it all over, you will be successful much more quickly. It doesn’t mean you’ll complete each deliverable in its given month. That may not be possible. But during its designated month, you will do everything in your power to move it forward. It’s your priority.

This also doesn’t mean you won’t work on other things, some of which are on your “deliverables” list. What it does mean is that your primary focus will be on that month’s deliverable. When you plan your work day, you will plan around your work deliverable for that month. After hours, you will focus on your personal deliverable.

Doing this will guarantee that, in 2004 you will attract more of what’s important to you instead of lots of little things that are nice but aren’t really all that critical. When you can focus on what’s truly important, all the little things will take care of themselves.

So, let’s do less in 2004 in order to attract more of what we truly want – that which makes life meaningful and rich. Then, when 2005 rolls around, you’ll look back with satisfaction rather than regret.