Moving Confidently Toward Your Future

By Silver Rose

Moving Confidently Toward Your Future

The single biggest thing that prevents us from harnessing The Law of Attraction to full advantage is self-protective doubt. When what we desire is particularly important to us, we fearfully wonder, “Can this really happen?”

Because we don’t want to experience disappointment, we tell ourselves all the reasons it probably will not come to pass. Then, when it doesn’t, we don’t feel badly because we had already decided it was beyond our reach.

Unfortunately, what has actually happened is that our self-protection has kept from us the very thing we want.

Remember, The Law of Attraction says, ‘You attract more of what you focus on.”
At first, when the desire for something surfaces, we get very excited about what it will be like to have it. We picture how our life will be when it arrives. We imagine sharing it with others. We even make plans for how often and when we will enjoy it.
In our excitement, we are attracting it to us, and rapidly, because our full focus is on having it. The most powerful emotional state for attracting what you want is that of passion. Passion comes from strongly wanting something and just as strongly knowing it will be yours.

It is easy to be passionate, for example, about a vacation we’ve planned and have already paid for. The reason it’s so easy is because we know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that it’s going to happen. Something we want very much will soon happen, and we are excited.

However, suppose there is something you strongly crave, and there is no evidence that you will get it. Perhaps you want a promotion at work and you don’t even know if one is available. What most of us do under those circumstances is “face reality,” which means we don’t allow ourselves to want it too much in case it doesn’t happen.

The most satisfying use of The Law of Attraction is to clearly identify what you want and then move confidently toward your future, knowing that it is there, waiting for you.

What are some of the goals you have that you can decide, right now, are GOING to happen (not “might” or “could” but going to)?
· The successful completion of an important project
· That promotion you want
· A new skill you want to acquire
· A college degree
· A good performance review and subsequent raise
· The necessary revenue coming into your organization

Just as we have confidence that every romance novel and Disney children’s movie has a happy ending, have the same confidence as you move toward the fruition of your goals. SEE them in your mind’s eye, KNOW that they are going to happen, and relax.

They will come to you, more easily than you ever dreamed possible.

You cannot struggle your way to a happy ending (despite what those romance novels and Disney movies portray). The way to attract your own happy ending is by setting your sights for what you want and then moving confidently toward your future.

Happy Journey,