Magical Moments

By Silver Rose

Magical Moments

My friend Michelle has a very strong ability to attract what she wants when she puts her mind to it. I’ve watched her decide to make enough money to buy a new car and have the events unfold exactly the way she envisioned them. I’ve seen her buy incredibly expensive furniture for her home office at 1/5th the price of what anyone else would be charged, and have it delivered for free!

One time, I even witnessed the following: she told me the kinds of towels and rug that would be perfect for her bathroom. She described the patterns, what color the “edges” would be, and how much she wanted to pay. That same week, she walked into a linen store, described for the clerk what she wanted and the clerk walked her over to the PERFECT items, just as she had described them. Of course, they were on sale.

So, when Michelle starts one of her new “games,” I pay attention.

This year, Michelle is playing a game called, “Magical Moments.” She is tracking magical moments as they occur in her life.

Remember, the Law of Attraction says, “You attract what you focus on.” Another way to say it is, “You attract what you measure.” What do you think Michelle is attracting?

One of the most fun parts of my week is when Michelle calls me with her Magical Moments Report. Some of them are big enough to impress anyone, some of them are small. What I’ve noticed, however, is that the more her list of Magical Moments grows, the more of those moments she is having. Gee, big surprise, huh?
Big or small, Michelle delights in each and every one of them. It’s powerful when you realize and see evidence that you have control over what’s happening in your life.

Just last week, Michelle’s youngest son Matthew, old enough now to drive, had spent the night with a bunch of buddies at a friend’s house. According to Michelle, when he does that, he usually gets home around noon. Sometime around 11:30, she headed out of the house to go to the grocery store (teenage boys consume a lot of food!). As she approached a very busy intersection, she heard a group of sirens coming from the direction of the house in which her son had spent the night. As most parents would do, she offered up a simple prayer, “Please let Matthew be safe.” As she finished her prayer, she looked up and spotted her son in his car at the opposite corner. She watched in relief as several fire trucks passed by his car on the way to their work. Later that day, Michelle wrote the moment down in her book.

In a work-related moment Michelle, who is an Executive Recruiter in the Atlanta area, had booked a trip to Philadelphia to meet with some potential new clients. Because it’s her own business, she would have to pay for the trip herself. However, if she lined up some candidate interviews, she could charge the trip to a client for whom she was conducting a search. She said, “Let me get at least one interview.” She booked three. Her client was delighted to pay for the trip.

Truer words have never been written than the biblical adage, “Ask and ye shall receive.” So, too, “Be careful what you ask for,” (because you will get it). Unfortunately, most of us forget what we ask for and end up thinking we are powerless.

Magical moments are all around us if we just look for them. Unfortunately, most of the world is scanning for what they are not getting versus what they are. Make no mistake; the game of Magical Moments isn’t about noticing good things happening to you. It’s about requesting what you want and watching as the Universe lines it up for you.

Don’t wait to play this game. If you don’t have a small notebook, simply take a sheet of paper, label it “Magical Moments” at the top and place it in your wallet. Each time one happens, write it down. And watch the fun begin.

Wishing you the vision to see the magic…