Enjoying the Becoming

By Silver Rose

Enjoying the Becoming

I love Spring. It’s the promise of what is to become. It’s so much fun to watch for the buds of plants to appear, knowing they will eventually become the full blooms of Summer.

I’ve been thinking of this in relation to other aspects of life. Why is it that we can enjoy the becoming of a plant but forget to enjoy the becoming of other things?
There are 3 steps to attracting what we want:
Step #1 – Ask
Step #2 – Deliver
Step #3 – Allow

We only have control over #1 (asking) and #3 (allowing). . #2 (delivery) is not our work; it is the work of the Universe.

#1 Asking is easy. We are asking all the time through the focus of our attention. Whatever you pay attention to, you are asking for more of. This is precisely why it is so important to only focus on what you want more of. If you focus on how terrible traffic is, for example, you can be sure that more gridlocks are headed your way. On the other hand, if you focus on how many courteous drivers there are, you are sure to attract a gentler commute. It’s your choice – focus on what you want or focus on what you don’t want. Either way, you’ll get it. The Law of Attraction works this way every single time.

#2 Delivery always happens. Whatever you ask for is delivered. There is a biblical adage, “Ask and ye shall receive.” It is true. Unfortunately, sometimes others receive what you asked for because you fail to engage in #3, allowing what you asked for into your life. Other times, you forget what you have asked for and so, when you receive it, you’re not impressed by what you accomplished

#3 Allowing is the more difficult of the two steps over which we have control. Somewhere along the line we were trained to think we have no influence over what happens to us or we’re afraid to be disappointed if we don’t get what we want.

Therefore, we train ourselves not to expect too much – which is exactly what we get -every time.

This week I’m going to challenge you to purposefully take control over what you attract into your life. Pick something you want that you believe can happen within a week’s time. Ask for it to be delivered by the end of the week. Then, several times a day, ask the Universe to show you signs that you are on the way to receiving what you asked for. When the signs come (and they will), your job is to ENJOY THE BECOMING.

Let’s say that one of the things you want is to have a really fun weekend. On Tuesday, you ask the Universe to show you a sign that you are on the way to receiving what you asked for. That night you get home and there is a message from a friend asking you to call if you’re free this weekend. That’s a sign. You call and they have something fun they’re putting together and want to include you. Wednesday, you ask the Universe again to show you a sign. You open up a magazine and see an article about the very thing your friend just invited you to do. Now it’s getting fun!. On Thursday, you ask for yet another sign that it’s going to be a great weekend. You put your hand in your jacket pocket and find $20 you forgot was there – the entrance fee for another event you wanted to go to and didn’t think you could afford.

The becoming usually looks like a series of “coincidences” that, in fact, you are attracting because of your attention to what you want. The more you pay attention to the fact that “it’s coming,” the faster it will arrive. Isn’t that fun?

Enjoy the unfolding. The joy is in the journey. Enjoy the becoming. These are all different ways to say the same thing. What none of them say, however, is that the more you enjoy watching for signs that what you want is coming, the more certainty that it is on its way – soon!