Life is an Echo

By Silver Rose

Life is an Echo

I was eavesdropping (a favorite hobby of mine) while sitting on the train. I listened to a woman talking about a co-worker with a negative attitude. “She complains about everything,” the woman moaned. “She drives me crazy. She’s bringing me down and I don’t know what to do about it.”

The irony hung heavy in the air and I’m certain this woman would have been mystified had it been pointed out to her.

The Law of Attraction says, “You attract more of what you focus on.” If you want to know what you’re focused on, look at what you’ve got (sorry, I know that’s bad news for some of you).

Life is an echo. It continually feeds back to us what we are emanating. If, for example, you are surrounded by negativity, it’s because you are putting that out. It doesn’t matter whether you’re being negative yourself or observing negativity in others. Either way, you are focused on negativity and that is what will be echoed back.

On the days I’ve decided to be in a good mood (it’s always a choice), I’ve noticed that people respond to me in a very positive way. Strangers smile at me on the street. People open elevator doors that are already half-closed so that I can squeeze in. Drivers on the freeway let me ease into their lane. What is being echoed back to me are those circumstances that are a match to my emotion i.e., what I am emanating.

Another hobby of mine is to study people’s faces. Having lived in Los Angeles (where show business rules), I’ve seen hordes of well “put together” men and women over the years. The most attractive by far, are the ones who clearly make it a habit of being in a good mood. There are people all over the world who spend thousands of dollars on beauty products and accessories to make themselves attractive and yet neglect the one thing that will ensure it –a good disposition.

What do you want more of in your life? Do you want to be surrounded by people in a good mood? Be in one yourself. Do you want more appreciation? Start appreciating yourself and others. Do you want more money? Start paying attention to the money you have.

Whatever we focus on grows. Attention is like Miracle Grow for the object of our focus. The more we notice something the bigger it gets. If you doubt this, just discover a cavity in one of your teeth and try to keep your tongue from returning there over and over and over again.

I spoke at a luncheon yesterday and one of the women asked, “Is that why I always seem to get into the slowest line? I thought I was simply cursed, that there was some kind of evil spell.” There IS an evil spell. Unfortunately, she is the magician who mixed the potion and then drank it. Fortunately, she also has access to the antidote. As soon as she is able to surrender and say, “Whatever line I get into will be perfect,” she will be on her way to breaking the “evil spell.”

This is one of the reasons that people who hit bottom at some point in their lives end up starting to recover almost immediately. As soon as we cease struggling against something, we release our grip and it can go away.

This is why it’s so good to measure your progress on any goal you want to achieve. The more you focus on your success, the more success will come your way. Certainly every good weight loss program follows this principle as do recovery programs for people addicted to alcohol, drugs, gambling, shopping, etc.

Life is an echo. If you don’t like what you’re hearing, start putting out a different message – one you will be delighted to hear back.