Appreciation, The Magic Elixir

By Silver Rose

Appreciation – The Magic Elixir

I often get asked, “What is the fastest way to get what I want from life?” My answer is always the same – Appreciation.

Appreciation is a magic elixir. It causes people to want to be around you. Over time, people begin to rethink negative opinions they hold about you. It causes co-workers and bosses to notice the good work that you do. It will get you the job you want and the money you deserve. It will even get you better service in restaurants and stores.

Magic, magic, magic.

Yet, most people hold back appreciation because they, themselves, feel unappreciated. The thought is, “Well, I’ll be GLAD to appreciate others once they start appreciating me!”

Remember, the way the Law of Attraction works is, “You attract what you focus on.” If your focus is on how unappreciated you are, guess what you’ll attract? More of the same!! And if you truly believe you’re unappreciated, how can you attract appreciation by focusing on people who appreciate you? There aren’t any!! How can you stop the madness?

You can focus on how much you appreciate others!

Start with those you live with. Remember when you were without them and couldn’t wait for them to get here? Well, they’re here now. Start noticing more of what you love about them and less of what you want to change. Watch the magic happen.
At work, start looking for what you appreciate about:
Ø The work itself (even if it’s just the paycheck you get – remember when you were desperate for one?)
Ø The learning you get to experience (how bored would you be if there was nothing left to learn?)
Ø Your co-workers – who would you play with if they weren’t around? They may not be perfect but they’re certainly not all bad, either. What’s good about them? (Even if your answer is, “Well, they’re not in my family! – THAT’s good!”)
Ø Your boss – There are not enough bosses who have staff who look for reasons to appreciate them. If you are one who does look for reasons to appreciate your boss,

I’m guessing you have a pretty good situation at work. If you have a bad situation at work, my guess is that you don’t appreciate your boss much. If you can begin to, you’ll see an amazing transformation.

Someone once told me about a wonderful t-shirt they spotted at a Social Workers conference. It read, “You cannot hate someone whose story you know.” I guarantee that if you understood the kind of pressure your boss is under every single day, you’d stop resenting her and start appreciating the job she does.
Ø Your staff – People don’t leave jobs, they leave bosses. The number one reason is lack of appreciation. If you are the boss, start appreciating your staff. There is no quicker way to build loyalty and the kind of “can do” attitude that money cannot buy.

The great thing about appreciation is that it doesn’t need to be spoken to be expressed. A landmark study at UCLA revealed that communication is only 7% the words we speak. 38% is our tone of voice and a whopping 55% is body language. If you start appreciating those around you, they’ll get it without you saying one word! If you decide to add words to it, the results will be even greater, but it’s not necessary.

One last note: You will find it much easier to appreciate those around you if you find ways to appreciate yourself. When you do, the Law of Attraction will guarantee that, the more you focus on self-appreciation, the more you’ll attract people who agree with you!