Action Cancels Fear

By Silver Rose

Action Cancels Fear

Not every day is a good one. Despite the fact that I teach and believe in a positive approach to life, sometimes there are days when it just seems impossible to make anything work.

Yesterday was one of those days. Starting in late afternoon, I experienced technical difficulties with my PC and, just to keep things interesting, my printer was also acting up. Not being technical by ANY stretch, I entertained myself with thoughts of hurling my laptop out the window. I could almost hear the spectacular crashing sound of glass breaking as it burst through the closed window (Hey! It’s got to be dramatic, right?) I envisioned my laptop landing on the pavement and bursting apart, pieces flying everywhere.

The more agitated I became about the situation, the less everything seemed to work. I couldn’t focus on paperwork. I couldn’t seem to prioritize what needed to be done next. In short, The Law of Attraction was delivering to me precisely that upon which I was focused – helplessness.

Fortunately, I know when to give up (although my problems often have claw marks on them – mine!). Sometimes you simply have to surrender to what is. My tolerance for pain has diminished considerably over the years and, even though I can wallow with the best of them, I can only stand it for a few hours before I feel compelled to do something.

You see, helplessness is simply another word for fear. And I learned a long time ago that action cancels fear – every time.

I looked around. What could I do that was productive, and guaranteed to make me feel back in control (the opposite of helpless)?

Not surprisingly, my office was a reflection of the helplessness I was feeling. There were papers scattered everywhere. There was stuff on my chair and even a pile or two on the floor. So I cleaned it all up and organized. I wrote down my priorities for the week. I went through each stack of paper to assure myself that there were no “ticking bombs” (i.e., things with deadlines I might miss.) The more I accomplished, the better I felt. At least I could salvage the week.

I took action on a few of the small items on the list and then called it a day. Intuitively, I knew that the most productive thing I could do was to spend the evening engaged in whatever activity was guaranteed to line up my energy in a positive way so that the rest of the week would be a good one. I went home and read a book by one of my favorite authors and went to bed early.

Today I feel much better. It’s election day. I set my alarm for 5:30 so I could be at the polling place when it opened. I voted, which always makes me feel good.
Now I’m writing this, on that rebellious PC I mentioned, and feeling productive. My desk is clean and I have my priorities on a list, ready for action. Every once in a while, a small piece of fear grabs me when I think about the fact that I may need to buy a new computer. But you know what? These are what a friend of mine calls “problems of abundance.” There are people in the world concerned about where their next meal is coming from or whether they will live to see tomorrow. I started my day voting in a free country that will allow me to throw my PC out the window, as long as I don’t hurt anyone. I could even yell out an obscenity if I wanted to, without risking arrest (although a few of my neighbors might blanch).

I feel blessed that I know what to do when I’m in fear. Action is the magic, my friends. But, because of Law of Attraction, it is critical to choose well the action you take.

If you are focused on the problem and trying to push it away, you are only going to get more of the problem. Trust me, I experimented with it yesterday – it doesn’t work. However, once I shifted my focus from the problem and put it on a solution, I calmed down.

Today my PC is working well. I still need to do something about it because it’s unreliable but I no longer feel helpless. I feel like everything is going to be just fine. And that is what I will attract!

Vote today. It’s a great feeling.