Spring – the Perfect Excuse

A little Madness in the Spring is wholesome even for the King.
-Emily Dickinson

The Law of Attraction says, “Like attracts like.” The easiest way to get it to work on your behalf is to do the following: get happy and stay there.

When you are happy, you effortlessly attract other things that will make you happier. For those of you who need an excuse to be happy (else people think you’re crazy), Spring is custom-designed for you.

In Springtime, the Earth is waking up. Birds sing, the sun breaks through the clouds and warms our upturned faces, and plants begin their resurrection.

People come out of their shells in the Spring. No longer compelled to huddle down into their coats for warmth, they look up and out and greet their neighbors.

If you’ve been looking for a time to practice a new, more positive approach to life without arousing too much suspicion, Spring is the perfect time to do so! Spring fever is a wonderful alibi for odd behavior and nothing is odder than a curmudgeon suddenly behaving as if life is worth celebrating.

Take some time this week to plan your strategy for using Spring as a camouflage for your new outlook on life. What positive approaches have you secretly longed to try that make you blush even to think about? For example, have you thought you might dare to

• Talk about what’s working in your life?

Praise your boss to others?

Thank your co-workers for little niceties they do?

• Actually smile at people? And mean it?

• Judge people through eyes of admiration?

• Buy flowers for yourself or someone else?

Smell the flowers and bask in the fragrance?

• Be grateful for what you have?

If you think of Spring as a time for all living creatures to experience new growth, what would you like yours to be?

The inside secret, of course, is that you do not need an excuse to alter your behavior or your life. You can choose to do so in a moment. Many people change as the result of experiencing an epiphany; others because they’re sick and tired of being sick and tired. I get a kick out of people who change just for the fun of it. They try on new behavior to see if it feels and works better than the old did. They “reinvent” themselves on a lark.

This Spring. do everything you can to experience the world through the eyes of a child – the child you once were and can be again.

That child did not see life as a problem but as an adventure. Puddles weren’t something that caused your feet to be wet and uncomfortable – they were to be splashed in for the fun of it. Flowers weren’t for show – they were to be picked and smelled and presented to someone in a spontaneous gesture of love. And clouds weren’t harbingers of bad weather but animals and funny faces and angels in the sky.

Yes, Spring is a wonderful excuse to get a new lease on life.

As if you need one.

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