Secret Delights to Replace the Stress

The Law of Attraction says, “You attract more of what
you focus on.”
This means you cannot eliminate anything
in your life by trying to eliminate it. Think about it –
during the process of elimination, you are totally focused
on what you’re pushing away, therefore, you’ll only attract

Let’s take the topic of stress reduction. Rather than trying
to de-stress (where’s the focus there?), what works very
effectively is replacement. Instead of “trying to calm
down” or “get organized so I can relax” or any of the other
techniques we all try, what if we were to identify and
practice secret delights that automatically transport us to a
place of calm and delight?

We are all incredibly busy. The wonderful thing about
secret delights is that many of them take only seconds to
indulge and the payoff is huge:

• Studies have shown that the smell of freshly
mowed grass makes people happy. The next time
you hear a lawnmower nearby, why not take a
break outside and inhale the aroma? Notice how
GOOD you feel.

• Is there someone in your life who makes you
smile every time you think of them? (For me, it’s
any one of the children I know). Take a moment
to close your eyes and re-live your last interaction
with them. As a bonus, do deep breathing at the
same time. Notice how GOOD you feel.

• Is there a skill or capability you’re enormously
proud of? Take the time to enjoy it. In High
School, I discovered I was a whiz at typing. To
this day, when I take the time to notice how fast
and accurate I am, it thrills me because I’m reliving
what it feels like to discover a hidden
talent. Take the time to indulge in your gift.
Notice how GOOD you feel.

• Do you (or did you) enjoy driving? Take the time
when you’re behind the wheel to fully experience
what you’re doing. Notice how GOOD you feel.
(I’m beginning to realize I may be inadvertently
hypnotizing you by repeating over and over, “Notice how
GOOD you feel.” I myself just snapped out of a trance.
However, when I came to, I noticed out GOOD I felt!)

Other secret delights can be indulged alongside your daily
tasks. These include:

• Listen to music that stirs you or music that makes
you tap your feet. From time to time, close your
eyes and enjoy. Notice how GOOD you feel
(okay, I’ll stop now).

• Use those wonderfully scented plug-ins in your
office or your home. I have a friend Patti who has
vanilla-scented plug-ins at her house and,
whenever I visit, I walk in the door, take a whiff
and am instantly happy.

• Bring fresh flowers to the job and make sure
they’re in your line of sight as you work.

• Stretch. It feels so GREAT. It’s also good for
you. Do it hourly. If you’re wondering how to do
it well, take lessons from a cat. They are the

• Sing or whistle while you work (your co-workers
may not be thrilled I gave you THAT particular
suggestion but that’s their problem to work out).
If you’re particularly bad at finding the notes,
maybe humming would be a better plan.

The point here is to do something that feels good and
replaces the feelings of stress.

The wonderful thing about the Law of Attraction is
that, the more you indulge these secret delights, the
less you will attract things that stress you in the first

And that, my friends, is something to hum about!

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