Spring Cleaning

Archived Column from April 9, 2003

I’m originally from the East Coast. Every Spring we would clean up the mess left behind by Old Man Winter in preparation for the fun days of Summer. It was a ritual that felt good — cleaning out the old to prepare for the new.
Spring is also a wonderful excuse to clean out your mind.

· What are some old, tired attitudes you want to sweep from your mind?

· What steps will ensure that the cleaning is thorough and no refuse is left behind?

· What windows in your mind need to be cleaned so you can see more clearly?

As we notice the flowers starting to bloom and the green buds on the trees, it puts us in a positive state of mind. When you’re feeling this way, there is no better time to begin attracting things into your life that you’ve been hoping for.

Whenever you are in a positive state, you are drawing things into your life that are a match to that frame of mind. This is a direct result of the Law of Attraction that says, “You attract more of what you focus on.”

In the Spring, we experience the relief of Winter coming to an end. The signs of the earth waking up bring us joy. Whenever you are happy, you will automatically start attracting circumstances that will make you even happier.

Spring is also a time for planting. Once the soil is turned and made ready, gardeners and farmers plant their seeds. What are some seeds you’d like to plant?

· Are there new skills you’d like to learn?

· Are there new attitudes you’d like to adopt?

· Are there relationships you’d like to enhance?

Farmers do not plant their crops randomly. They are very strategic about it. They analyze the soil, the climate and the amount of work they are willing to do and then decide the type of crops they will plant.

What kind of crops do you want? If your mind is fertile ground (and it is), what will you plant there? How can you ensure that the crop will be healthy and strong? Do you need fertilizer? This could take the form of books, tapes, or workshops. Do you need workers to help? Find ways to network and meet people who can support the growth you seek.

The plants you have planted need sunshine to grow. Do what you can to develop a positive attitude and you will be astonished at how abundant and healthy your crops become.

A positive attitude is Miracle Grow for the mind.

It’s Spring. The birds are singing, the flowers are blooming and the promise of Summer is in the air. Use this miraculous time to create miracles in your own life.

This is a time to plan for abundance. This is a time to plan for growth.
Springtime is all around you. Why not hold it within you, as well?

Happy Planting!


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