The Match Game

I primarily teach one thing—how to harness The Law of Attraction to full advantage. Simply stated, this universal principle says, “You get what you focus on.”

With that in mind, can you see why some things you want are not coming your way?

§ You cannot attract a promotion when you feel unappreciated.

§ You cannot attract a raise when you feel strapped for cash.

§ You cannot attract work you enjoy when you complain about the work you are doing.

You cannot attract anything until you and it are a match.

Think of life as The Match Game. You may have seen this TV program if you are old enough, or played it at home with a deck of cards. The object is to find two cards whose pictures match. The more pairs you match, the more points you earn.

The same is true in life as long as you match what you want. Unfortunately, most of us spend our time unconsciously matching what we don’t want. No wonder we end up feeling we’ve lost the game!

Watch your personal Match Game. Start to become aware of how much attention you give to what you don’t want. Do you pass negative judgment on people or situations? When you do, your attention is only making you a match to more of what you clearly don’t want.

Last week I was judging my friend Maude (not her real name) “I can’t believe how difficult she makes things for herself. I wish she could figure out a simpler way to get the results she wants.” The rest of that day, everything I touched seemed to have an unanticipated problem. Suddenly, I was complicating everything. Why? I had made myself a match to what I had judged in Maude.

As my mentor, Esther Hicks says, “The formula for creating what you want is simple: Identify the desire and then emotionally match it.”

Simple, yes. Easy? No.

If you can’t match what you want by observing it (because it’s not there), then match it through your imagination. If a co-worker is behaving in a way you don’t like, then clearly you cannot see in her the behavior you want. Instead, develop a mental image of what it would look like if she started to act as you’d like. (It would be useful to identify someone who DOES act that way and use them as a model for further developing the image in your mind.)

Until you turn your attention from the undesirable behavior and put your full attention on visualizing in your mind the behavior you’d prefer, your co-worker will never act as you want—it’s not a match. In The Match Game it would be like flipping over a card that has a frowning face on it and trying to pair it with a smiling face. It’s not a match and never will be.

No matter how hard you criticize the frowning card, or tell other people how much you wish it would change—the frowning card is not going to turn into a smiling card. Put your attention on the smiling card and you will attract the cards that match.

Here is how to win big in The Match Game that is your life. Simply pay attention to how you feel. When you feel joy, satisfaction, or any other positive emotion, you are automatically a match to anything else that would make you feel the same way.

Would that new project at work make you happy? Then work on feeling happy now and you will be a match to the project. Would getting your work completed make you jump for joy? Create what it would feel like to already be there and you will get there naturally—it’s a match!

The Match Game—brought to you by-drum roll, please—The Law of Attraction!

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