And the Award Goes to…

Hollywood is buzzing about those coveted golden statuettes again, and I’m wondering why there’s no Oscar category for “Best Film Illustrating The Law of Attraction.” If there were, my nominee would be the Civil War epic Gone With The Wind.

This film follows moody Southern belle and heroine Scarlett O’Hara as she continually chases what she cannot have, thinking that possessing it is the only way she can be happy. And even when she has riches beyond compare and people who love her, she stubbornly insists on seeing only what she lacks.

It takes half a million feet of raw footage for Scarlett to discover that the entire time she was chasing happiness, everything she’d ever wanted was right in front of her in the form of her husband, dashing Union blockade runner Rhett Butler. She suddenly realizes that his love is what she’s been searching for all along and what she really wants. Alas, her discovery comes too late. Tired of being rejected, Rhett walks out the door for the last time. As Scarlett chases him and cries, “What shall I do? Where shall I go?”, Rhett utters that unforgettable line, “Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn.”

Neither does the Law of Attraction. In fact, it has no emotions at all. Its sole function is to deliver to you more of what you focus on. Said more clearly, it gives you more of what you pay attention to.

Ultimately, the Law of Attraction delivered to Scarlett O’Hara exactly what she was focused on. It always does. She lost Rhett. Then she really did lack everything she wanted.

Are there things you want out of life but aren’t receiving because you’re focused on what you lack?

How about at work, for example?

What percentage of your tasks and responsibilities do you really enjoy? If you answer 51% or more, you’re in the plus column. Do you act that way? Do you primarily focus on the elements of your job that give you satisfaction? Or do you mainly dwell on the drawbacks?

The amazing thing about the power of focus is that it enables you to change your life by aligning the Law of Attraction to your benefit. You can stop asking “What or who bothers me?”, or “What do I dislike about my situation?” which only brings on tribulations similar to those Scarlett endured. Instead, purposely ask yourself “What would I like more of?”

So, what is it that you want more of in your work life?

• More job or career satisfaction? Focus on the ways in which your work already satisfies you. Minor they may be, but they are likely to be many, and they do add up. In time you’ll find there’s more to like about your work than you imagined—and be all the more satisfied because of your new insight.

• More accolades from the boss? You attract praise from others when you yourself focus on what you do that is praiseworthy. Silently give yourself the praise you desire from others and watch how they start to notice the good things you’re doing.

• More fun on the job? Pay attention to who and what makes your work seem like play. You’ll automatically attract more of the same.
Gone With The Wind is entertainment, but we “give a damn” about Scarlett O’Hara because her drama is ours. Like her, each of us has to learn how to use focus so that the Law of Attraction delivers what we truly want. Scarlett woke up too late. You don’t need to.

Begin today to enjoy the riches that are right in front of you. Unless you do, you may soon wake up to find that they are

Gone With the Wind!

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