Two Formulas, Both Wonderful!

Hovering on my computer desktop is an icon that opens a list labeled “Wonderful Things That Happened in 2007 (So far!)”. I click this icon usually for one of three reasons:

1. A happy development needs to be added to the list;

2. I feel discouraged and need a reminder that many things are going well for me;

3. I want to bask in appreciation for the gifts I’ve been given.

All in all, the return on my time spent maintaining this list is pretty darned good. That’s because it’s yet another way I harness the Law of Attraction, which says that you get what you focus on.

We’re all adept at focusing on what’s missing from the lengthy list of things that we want out of life. Reflecting instead on what pleases us is far better. It means using the power of focus to its ultimate best—to attract more of what is guaranteed to make us happy. There’s the added benefit that this kind of thinking provides an instant shot in the arm to your spirits.

I heard of another application of the power of focus this morning from my friend Joyce. It’s an exercise that her husband Joe does each night before he goes to sleep. An entrepreneur, Joe reviews his day and asks himself, “What did I do today to move the business forward?” He does this to make sure he is taking action that brings him closer to his goals and to go to bed feeling content. Joe’s business is thriving and he sleeps very well, so it must be working!

You can apply Joe’s formula with equally good results, and you don’t necessarily have to wait until bedtime. Obviously, the question you put to yourself at day’s end must reflect your own unique goals. Less obviously, you may find that you need to ask similar questions concerning both your work and your personal life.

Let’s say that your goal at work is to get a good performance review so you’ll receive a raise. As you leave for home every evening, you would ask yourself, “What did I do at work today that brings me closer to a pay increase?” This concentrates your mind on your goal and stimulates you to do something every day to attain it.

At home, you may have a much different primary goal—maybe to raise your children to be responsible adults. As they’re brushing their teeth for bed, you would ask yourself, “What did I do today to teach my children responsibility?”

I like Joe’s exercise because it counteracts the tendency in all of us to neglect our long-term goals in the face of scrambling to meet urgent daily needs. Such sacrificing of the important for the immediate puts you in the position of accepting the life that you stumble into rather than steering toward the life that you want. Focusing on your larger goals, on the other hand, prompts you to act in ways that have a real chance of promoting your happiness.

Whether you track wonderful things as they occur or opt for Joe’s technique, you are proactively harnessing the Law of Attraction to propel you more quickly to where you want to go.

In fact, why not have it all? Use Joe’s technique every day for three weeks and watch how many results you end up recording on your list!
Wouldn’t THAT be wonderful?

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