Your Gift Is Here

It’s Mother’s Day morning and I’m in Nebraska visiting my friend Karna. The spring weather is glorious, a comfy lawn chair beckons in Karna’s backyard and the Sunday crossword is taunting me.

A breeze brushes my face as I sit down, the leaves of a great oak rustle and a rabbit appears on the lawn and proceeds to enjoy brunch. Also in the passing parade are a robin, several crows and of course a pair of squirrels racing each other up and down the oak.

I’m happy!

You may be thinking, “It’s the weekend. She has nothing to do but relax. Of course she’s happy.”

Except that I was equally happy a few days ago leading a workshop on employee-manager relations for a group of businesspeople in neighboring Iowa.

And I’m happy writing this column.

Why? Because I realize that the life I’m living at this moment is the one I asked for, and to pretend otherwise would be an ungracious rebuke to the universe. It would be futile besides, because the Law of Attraction says that you get what you ask for.

Right now the Law of Attraction is telling me, “What you’ve asked for is all around you.”

For some of us that insight comes as good news; for others of us, not so good. Most of the time we view it with mixed feelings: in some areas we’ve done incredibly well in achieving what we want in life, and in others we have much more work to do.

It’s easy to overlook that what we asked for in the past is what we are receiving in life today. Trained to keep our eyes always on a distant goal, we can forget to enjoy having reached other goals that we set ourselves earlier.

Wasn’t there a time when you fervently wanted what you now have? Maybe it was a secure job with benefits; children of your own; a flashy sports car (or just a reliable workhorse). How about your house? Wasn’t that once a seemingly impossible dream?

We ask for what we want by indicating it with our attention—that’s to say, by where we place our focus.

What do you enjoy—or suffer—today that stems from where you have been focusing in the past up to this very moment?

Inventory these things. I hope they are mostly pleasures, benefits or joys. As for things that make you unhappy, refocus your attention on what you do want and imagine yourself in the future, having achieved it—and stay focused on the sense of contentment and fulfillment called up in you by the thought. Diligently directing your attention to what it is that will make you happy tomorrow is the critical first step to living happily today.

Drinking in the beauties of Karna’s backyard, I realize that I am here and reveling in this feeling of well-being because I asked for it earlier. On some other occasion, basking in nature, I sent a request to the universe via my focus at that moment: “More of this, please.”

How nice that what I wanted is being given to me this Sunday: A Mother’s Day gift from Mother Nature!

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