Celebrate Your Blessings

For years I have been teaching the Law of Attraction which says, “You get more of what you focus on.” This time of year is a wonderful opportunity to deliberately put its magic to work.

There is an aspect of the Law of Attraction that I have not articulated clearly enough and I want to do so now. The power behind attracting what you want comes from connecting to your Source Energy which is called by many different names—Mother Nature, the Universe, All That Is, The Zone and yes, most often it is called God.

When I connect to my Source Energy, there is one word that comes to mind and it fills me completely—it is Love.

Blessed is the season which engages
the whole world in a conspiracy of love!

Hamilton Wright Mabie

The holidays are traditionally a time to remember the many blessings in our lives and to fully experience the love we have for friends and family—indeed, for humankind. When you are feeling love, in that moment you are attracting all the good things you’ve ever wanted. The more you can stay wrapped in a blanket of love, the more rapidly your dreams come true.

Love, more than anything, is what connects you to Source Energy and once you tap into that power, the sky (and beyond) is the limit!

So why not use the holidays as your excuse to connect through love to your own Source Energy?

Here are some surefire ways to connect –when you:
– Hear the laughter of a child and smile in response;
– Kindly let another car pull in front of you when you’re driving;
– Thank the store clerks for working late so you can get your shopping done;
– Hum along with seasonal music;
– Wrap gifts and think about how much the recipients will enjoy opening them;
– Enjoy the distinctive aromas (and tastes!) of the season.

Your list will vary from mine but you get the point. To use one of my favorite words, I urge you to bask between now and New Year’s. (Actually, basking every day would guarantee a life beyond your dreams but let’s start with what’s in front of us.)

When you participate in the conspiracy of love that H.W. Mabie wrote about, so many blessings will come your way. Don’t take my word for it—give it a try starting this very moment.

Personal Note: Please know that I carry you in my heart. You are a very big contributor to the feelings of love I bask in. Thank you from the bottom of my soul for being part of my journey and allowing me to be part of yours.

I don’t wish for you blessings—that would be redundant. What I do wish for you is that each and every day you are aware of and celebrate the blessings that you have.

Much love and Happy Holidays!


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