Your Search Engine

When you employ the Law of Attraction as a tool, it delivers life to you on your terms. In order to best understand how it works, think of it as your own personal search engine.

Search engines on the internet (Google or Yahoo Search, for example) do not recognize the word “no,” as a delimiter. Let’s say you are interested in finding all the resources available on the internet for how to deal with difficult customers. If you type in the words ‘no difficult customers,’ what will show up on your computer screen is page after page of information and stories about difficult customers. You don’t need information about difficult customers; you already have more data (alas, from firsthand experience) than you care to possess.

What do you really want? You want information about ‘satisfied customers’ or ‘happy customers.’ If you type in those exact phrases, you will find the information you seek.

Your search engine works the same way. When you pay attention to something, you are giving the Law of Attraction instructions to go and find it and bring it back to you. And, like any good search engine, it gives you exactly what you asked for; it does not recognize the word ‘no.’ Yet how many of us spend endless hours, days, and years trying to get what we want by focusing on and trying to push away what we do NOT want; those things we are saying, “No!” to.

You cannot attract wellness by saying no to illness. You cannot attract prosperity by pushing away poverty. In short, you cannot attract what you want by focusing on what you don’t want. It simply cannot be. You get what you focus on—every time.

Think about things in your life that you want that are not coming to you. When you think of them, are you focused on how great it would feel to have them, or how awful it feels NOT having them? When you are saying “no” to anything—a boss you don’t like, a project that’s driving you crazy or the dust coming out of that part of your wallet where the money should be—you are literally putting in a request for more of the same.

Law of Attraction delivers everything we ask for. But we mistakenly think that the way to make requests is through the words we speak. This is where we get tripped up.

The way you ask for something is through your attention to it. Whatever it is that captures your attention, you are literally sending out the following request: “More of this please.” The more intensely you focus on it, the more of it arrives. It’s like impatiently pushing the enter button on your computer and suddenly seeing on your monitor fifteen copies of the same webpage.

Thus, if you are focused on something you really LOVE and what you love about it, it comes to you fast. If you focus on how much you HATE something, it, too, comes to you fast.

This is why people who are joyfully passionate get positive results very quickly. On the flip side, people who are intensely cynical or angry also get results very quickly—only the results are the opposite of what they truly want.

Try this exercise: sit down with a piece of paper and write down what you want your Universal Search Engine to bring to you. Make sure you phrase it exactly and remember Law of Attraction does not recognize the word ‘no’. Once you’ve clearly defined what you want, close your eyes and envision what it would feel like to have it. Make your vision so real that you experience the extreme happiness of having it.

Open your eyes. Go and pet your cat, listen to your favorite music, or play with your kids. And look for signs that what you asked for is coming—because it is!

Happy searching!

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