Find Your Focus

The Law of Attraction says that you get more of what you focus on. If you’re like me, you’d probably like it to work in a different way—that you would get more of what you wished for. In fact, it would work that way if you were successful in putting the majority of your attention on those wishes. Unfortunately, what you more often end up doing is putting your full attention on something you do not want and then wishing for the opposite. The whole time you are verbalizing your wish, your attention is on what you don’t want—and that’s precisely what you get more of. You asked (by your attention) and you received.

A good example of this is when we pray for something to be removed—cancer, fear, worries—and while we are praying our full attention is on the unwanted. Keeping in mind that you get more of what you focus on, wouldn’t it be much more effective to pray for incredible health, courage, or peace of mind?

If you are confused about where your focus has been, the simplest way to figure it out is by looking at what you have. Here is a simple exercise to do just that: first, identify the areas of your life that are important to you: career, family, friends, health, financial well-being are just a few examples. Only you know those areas that are important to you. Put each item on a list.

Once you’ve identified the areas that are important to you, give yourself a ranking from 1-10 of how well you think you are doing in each area. If, for example, you only contact your family members once a year during the holidays and you feel guilty about it, you would score yourself a one or two next to “family.” If you are in regular touch with them and you feel good about how you are nurturing those relationships, then give yourself anywhere from an 8-10.

A list might look something like this:

Family ___8___
Friends ___9___
Career ___3___
Financial Viability ___2___
Health ___9___
Spirituality ___5___

Based on these rankings, it is easy to see what this person has been focused on—friends, family and health. Career is very low on the rankings and given that, it’s no surprise that financial viability is also low.

Usually the areas you score lowest in are causing you the most stress. You are focusing on them but you are not envisioning good outcomes; you are worried about what is happening. Remember, you get more of what you focus on.

Pretend for a moment that the list above is yours. The good news is that you know how to create success—just look at the areas in which you scored an 8 or above. In order to increase your score in other areas, it is important to do whatever it takes to change your focus from what’s wrong to what’s right. Look for clues for how to improve the low-scoring areas by analyzing what you are doing to achieve such good results in the high-scoring areas. How quickly, for example, could you make improvements in your career if you resolved to focus on work with the same quality of attention you give to family and friends? Wouldn’t it feel better to focus on your work with pride instead of worry? You’re already spending the time to focus you might as well turn that focus to your advantage!

Finding your focus is Step One – it removes the mystery behind why things in your life are the way they are. Step Two is to look at the areas you want to improve and use your focusing skills to create a more balanced life.

Change your focus, change your life!

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