Like so many of us, I am guilty of over-complicating what it takes to attract the life I desire. The Law of Attraction says you get more of what you focus on. That’s useful information. However, in a world where there are so many things competing for our attention, how can we choose wisely? Actually, how do we choose at all? We can’t seem to decide where to specifically focus so we give our attention to whatever is parading before us in any given moment.

Recently, I was given an instruction that may be the very best formula to achieve the results you want. I was told, “Get a clear vision of the outcome you want and then relax!”

When you relax about achieving the result you desire, you are in a mode of expectation; you’re confident that the outcome you want is coming. The more we relax into the expectation, the more quickly it arrives.

But we don’t relax, do we? We grow impatient. We want it RIGHT NOW! We fret that we’re not going about it correctly. We worry that some higher being is going to deem us unworthy to receive it. And the more we notice that it’s not here, the further away we push it.

This is not true in every area. We’ve all had instances where we attracted something we wanted pretty easily—especially in an area about which we feel self-confident.

For example, if you know you are good at sales, you go into a sales meeting expecting to close the deal and the majority of the time that is exactly what happens. Maybe you are self-confident about your ability to make friends and, as a result, you are surrounded by them. If you know you’re a good cook, even your experiments turn out well.

Each of us has areas in which we attract what we want easily and effortlessly. More often than not, we take this ability for granted thinking that, if WE can do it then it must be as easy for everyone to do. This is simply not true. If everyone had equal skill in attracting what they want then Oprah wouldn’t battle with her weight and Larry King wouldn’t be on marriage #8. Both Oprah and King are brilliant in the areas of career and attracting money but fall short elsewhere.

Maybe you’re fit and trim. Oprah would like your secret. Maybe you’ve been happily married to the same person for lots of years. Larry King could use your advice.

Here is some smashingly good news–once we’ve learned how to attract success in one area, we can apply the same formula to those areas that are more challenging. At the beginning, when you were first learning how to produce results, you naturally gravitated toward those areas that were easiest for you. Now that you’ve mastered the formula in one or more of the easier areas (easier for you), it’s time to attract what you want across the board.

When it comes to gauging whether or not we are attracting what we want, our emotions are the best barometer. When we are feeling positive emotions, this is our indicator that we are attracting what we want. When we are feeling negative emotions, we know we are focused on and attracting something we do not want.

We don’t focus nearly enough on those areas where we are already attracting what we want. We’re too busy moaning about what we are lacking. And yet, when you consider what you have—your job, your home, your loved ones, your lifestyle—you can come to no other conclusion than this: you are really good at attracting what you want. You just haven’t mastered it and you never will. No one gets it perfect. You can, however, get better at it every day and take your success formula from one area and apply it to another.

Try it. Sit down and analyze the steps you have taken to produce success in one area of your life. Once you’ve identified those steps, apply them to the area where you’d like more.

OR—Get a clear vision of the outcome you want and then relax!

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