What’s The Difference?

The primary difference between a job you enjoy and a job you dread is where you place your focus.

The primary difference between a life you love and being a victim of life is where you place your focus.

And the only control any of us have over the circumstances of our existence is the choice of where to place our focus.

It’s so simple and yet do we choose our focus or do we more often allow our minds to lead us down a path we would never consciously pursue?

The Law of Attraction dictates that we attract more of what we focus on. If you’re not sure about where your focus has been, you need look no further than the circumstances of your life to find out. When we look, we can clearly see that whatever parts of our lives we have focused on with consistently positive energy are areas where we flourish.

For example, when I look at my own life, I recognize that I have primarily focused on family, friends, spirituality and physical vitality. I know that because in all those areas, I am thriving. I have lots of great friends, I’m in touch with my family regularly and because I feel both spiritually and physically fit, I have been blessed with an abundance of energy.

In which areas do you thrive and what is your evidence of well-being? Take a moment to think about this.

What about the areas in which we are not thriving? If we want a balanced life, it is also important for us to acknowledge those areas that aren’t currently the way we would like them to be. For example, when I look at my financial situation, it is definitely not where I want it to be and it has nothing to do with the economy (believe me, I wish I could blame it on that). The reason I don’t have the financial circumstances I would like is simple: I have not put enough positive focus on this part of my life. In fact, when I DO focus there, it’s most often with negativity and we all know what I’ll attract in that state—more things to be negative about. And so, the more I worry about finances, the worse they get. Sound at all familiar?

Consistent focus with emotional intensity will get you what you are focused on—fast!

To prove the above point, I looked at two areas of my life:

1. I am rich with friends because I consistently and passionately focus on nurturing them. In this case, the emotional intensity is in the form of passion.

2. I am consistently worried about making enough money which ensures that I always fall short. The emotional intensity is in the form of worry.

So what’s an enlightened person to do? Tony Robbins who coaches some of most successful people in the world says, “Success leaves clues.” By examining how we produced such great results in those areas where we are thriving, we can duplicate the process in areas that still need work.

For example, one of the reasons I’m able to nurture my friendships is because they are a priority for me. What if I made my finances a top priority, as well?

We might also notice that certain areas of our lives get most of our positive attention because we enjoy them. What do we need to do to turn our areas of improvement into areas of enjoyment?

Our success models vary. What works for me might not work for you. But what I do know is that Robbins is right—success does leave clues.

The only difference between those areas where we are thriving and our areas of improvement is how we have used our focus. Begin today to uncover your particular success model. Apply it with consistent emotional intensity to your areas of improvement and watch how quickly things turn around.

What’s the difference? It’s the difference between a balanced life in which we thrive in all areas and an uneven life where we’re off kilter more than we want.

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