What’s Your Dream?

Here is what all negative emotion is. It is what you feel when you are focused on something that separates you from who you really are. For example, while you focus on the economy with the conviction that it’s a terrible mess and “we’ll never survive,” your Inner Guide is focused on all the positive aspects of the same economy. The fear or anger or frustration you feel (depending on how strongly you are focused) is the rift between you and your Inner Guide who refuses to agree with you. Your Inner Guide is not fighting you—you’re fighting It. That’s what all negative emotion is—the separation between you and who you really are.

Most would agree that there are many people who are thriving despite what you see on the news day after day. And I’m not talking about those who use the situation to take advantage of people. I mean the many ethical, good people who have not experienced problems due to the economy or, if they have, are using the challenges to progress in a positive direction.

It turns out that the old adage, “You’re either part of the problem or part of the solution,” is a great way to tap the power of the Law of Attraction which says, “You get more of what you focus on.”

Those who are focused on the problem are fighting their Inner Guide and attracting more problems. Those who are focused on the solution are aligned with their inner guidance system and attracting more possibilities.

Susan Boyle is a great example of the power of the Law of Attraction. A 47-year-old woman from a small village in Scotland, her dream was to be a professional singer. She spent her entire life lining up the energy to get to where she wanted to go. As life circumstances caused her focus to shift over the years (her buy-in to the cruel things people said about her appearance, the need for her to care for her ailing mother, etc.), her focus on the dream ebbed and flowed but she never gave up. Every time she focused on her dream with the belief that it could happen, her Inner Guide agreed and Susan was aligned with who she really is. Whenever she focused on how impossible it was, she was fighting her Inner Guide and she felt dejected.

It’s very clear that the majority of Boyle’s focus was on the belief that achieving her dream was possible. How do I know? Let’s look at the evidence. Her dream did not come true as it does for many singers—step-by-step over a period of years as they struggle to make a living doing what they love. Instead, when Boyle was finally in a position to achieve her dream (her Mom had passed away and she was mature enough not to let cruel people convince her that someone who looks like her could never be a professional singer), she rendezvoused with the television show Britain’s Got Talent and the rest is history. She stepped out on the stage and was greeted with disrespect and snickers. When she walked off the stage she was a professional singer whose You-Tube video received millions of hits in the first week. She and her magnificent voice became world famous overnight. That was one powerful alignment of energy.

Her overnight success threw her into a tailspin but that’s probably because, when she envisioned her dream, she never looked past “wowing” audiences. That part has come true and so has her ability to make money with her voice. Now it’s up to Boyle to use her focus to attract the kind of career she wants. The possibilities are limitless and I trust she’ll have what she wants—she’s already demonstrated her ability to harness the Law of Attraction to her advantage.

Can you achieve your dreams more quickly than Boyle did? Absolutely; people do so every day. What’s required is to stay in harmony with your Inner Guide. When you are feeling positive, you are in alignment and the fulfillment of your desires is headed your way.

Susan Boyle “dreamed a dream” and it made her an international inspiration. What’s your dream? What are you waiting for?

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