Defeating Fear

Silver is travelling. Please enjoy a repeat of this column from October, 2002:

I’ve felt the presence of an old adversary this week – Fear. I don’t care much for Fear. We lived together for about 30 years of my life and when I finally tossed him out, I thought it was for good.

But Fear is a sneaky guy. He patiently waits for an opening and makes himself right at home, as comfortable as if he never left.

At first, I didn’t even notice he was there. The feeling was so familiar it felt like a cozy old sweater. It wasn’t long, however, before it started to make me itch. In very short order, I had a full-blown rash. I am, you see, allergic to Fear. Everyone is.

That’s when I became aware that Fear was back in my life. I immediately began to look for the tools I’ve used in the past to successfully banish him. Here they are:

• Identify what you’re afraid of. Whatever it is, it’s ALWAYS something that you do not want. Once you see what it is that you don’t want, ask yourself, “Okay, what DO I want?” (Usually the exact opposite of what you don’t want.)

• Once you’ve identified what you want, put your full attention on it. What will it be like when you have it? How will you feel? Where are you, physically? What environment are you in? Who is there with you? Paint a compelling picture. You’ll know you’ve succeeded when you feel as if you’ve already gotten what you want.

• Take action.

Action cancels fear – every single time

• Focus on the solution. Fear thrives in any environment in which people are looking at the problem instead of the solution.

• Ask yourself, “Is everything okay right this minute?” Usually fear is about something we’re afraid might happen.

Worry is using your imagination to attract something you DON’T want.

– Esther Hicks

Fear will always be with us. It actually serves an excellent purpose. When we feel it in the pit of our stomach, it is a clear signal that we are in the process of attracting something we definitely do not want. As one of the Emotional Messengers that guide us through life, Fear’s purpose is to let us know when we are seriously off course in the pursuit of achieving what we want. Once we learn to read Fear for what it is—a signal that we need to make a course correction—we can take the action that will put us back on track. Having fulfilled its purpose, Fear leaves.

So you see, it wasn’t really an adversary that visited me this week. Fear is simply a messenger. I read the message, am making the course correction, and things are getting back on track, and rather quickly.

That’s the way the Law of Attraction works—you get more of what you focus on! Fear can help you to identify when it’s time to shift your focus.

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