How to Program Your Crystal Ball

Close your eyes and think of a person in their late seventies. Who did you think of? When I took Anthony Robbins’ CD-course The Time of Your Life, he challenged his listeners to do this. I instantly thought of my friend Jill. At age 76, she is in great physical shape, fashionable and has a wicked sense of humor. Imagine how pleased I was with my choice when Robbins declared, “Whatever you visualized is where you’re headed.” If you envisioned someone hunched over and shuffling, that’s where you’re headed. If you saw someone in a hospital bed with tubes shoved up his nose, guess where you’re going? If you envisioned Jack LaLanne or John Glenn, both over 80 and in great shape, then that’s where you’re headed.

When you peer into your crystal ball, predicting what your future holds, do you see a wondrous reality or your worst nightmare come true?

For many of us, “future-tripping” means that we are frightened and worried about lies ahead. That’s unfortunate because the way the Law of Attraction works is that you get more of what you focus on.

If, for example, you’re worried about holding onto your job, it would serve you well to shift that focus. You can do it through visualization, if you like, because your brain does not know the difference between pretend and reality. If you start to act as if you’re secure, you will be and it may not have anything to do with your current job. What I mean is you may work for an organization that has strict rules—last one hired, first one laid off. There’s nothing you can do to shift that so, when you visualize your future, picture yourself working but do not limit it to your existing job. It could be an even better one!

If you don’t believe visualization is enough, then for you it will not be. In that case, what you want to do is take whatever action is necessary for you to feel as employable and secure as possible:

• Find out which software skills employers are hiring for and learn the appropriate computer programs.

• Do research to find other organizations or industries that could use your specific skills. Apply for jobs even if you’re not currently looking. It is good practice and a bit like saving for a rainy day. By the way, most people who have thriving careers do this on a regular basis.

Whatever aspect of your life you’d like to improve, it is important for you to “act as if” you’ve already achieved the growth you want. When you do, you are utilizing the Law of Attraction to your advantage. It’s important that you manage your mind to focus on what you want. We have pretty much perfected our ability to focus on what we don’t want and we’ve seen where that has gotten us so far.

Using your powers of fantasy, daydream about how life will be when you get “there.” Remember, your mind doesn’t differentiate between pretense and reality so, while you are feeling like you have arrived at your desired destination, you will naturally attract whatever supports your dream.

When you develop the picture of what it will be like when you have arrived, go into as much detail as possible:

• What are you wearing?

• Who is around you?

• What do you see as you look around? Is it day or night? Are you indoors or

• To whom do you need to send “thank you” notes?

• How did you get there?

The journalist’s formula of covering the details of who, what, when, where, why and how will help you with this.

We all have a crystal ball—it’s called our mind and you are continually programming your future. Do you like what you see? If not, you have the power to change it. Isn’t that great?

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