How Lucky Can You Be?

I am back from an amazing month in Europe, a trip that provides ample evidence that the Law of Attraction works.  Bill (my significant other) and I travelled from Italy, where we hiked to 8,000 feet in the Italian Alps, to Switzerland to France and finally to Poland. It was a month of experiences that opened my mind and my heart and today I feel more like a global citizen than before I left.

Along the way, we saw different lifestyles and attitudes. Without benefit of understanding the languages, I had to depend on observing body language.  It seems to me that those who live in small villages are more content than those in the big cities. Conversely, those in the cities seem more open than the villagers, although it’s fair to say I may have that opinion because those we met in the larger cities more often spoke English.

And what does any of this have to do with the Law of Attraction and its edict that you get more of what you focus on?

In the small villages, people seemed most focused on the tasks at hand and less concerned about what was around the corner. They just didn’t appear, at least facially, to be worriers.  When we stopped to talk with them or ask a question, they never acted as if we were keeping them from something more important. They were fully engaged in the moment.

In one Swiss village (population approximately 6,000) there is virtually no crime. People leave their doors unlocked and the keys in their cars.  Because there is little crime, they don’t focus on it and therein lives the question, “Cause or effect?”

City dwellers, on the other hand, expect crime.  Again I ask, “Cause or effect?”

Unfortunately, most of us base our expectations on what we observe versus what we desire. If I had focused on my savings account as the basis for my ability to travel to Europe, I would still be limited to the USA.  Instead, I simply knew that someday I would see Europe. I didn’t know how but I was confident it would happen. I daydreamed about it regularly. I read travel magazines and watched travel shows on TV. And then one day Bill found me (another Law of Attraction triumph.) We fell in love and I was delighted to discover that he travels at every opportunity and has both the means and generosity to share these adventures with me. You get what you focus on!

The Law of Attraction is not some silly notion.  Any one of us can move with confidence toward the achievement of our dreams even if we don’t have a clue as to how it’s going to happen. You get what you expect. What are your expectations?

Luck is when preparation meets opportunity.

Susan Boyle, the amazing singer who achieved fame on the TV show, Britain’s Got Talent is a great example of this.  She practiced singing her entire life.  She always had a vision of being a star even in the face of incredible skepticism. When I watched the

video of her audition

I was in tears because I was watching the Law of Attraction at work.  Before she went onstage, she said to the emcees, “I’m going to ROCK that audience.”  Following her smashing performance, I watched as she curtsied to the judges and blew kisses to the audience.  I knew that she had been practicing for that moment her entire life.

That is what “luck” is.  When Boyle first dreamt of being a star, she couldn’t aspire to be a contestant on Britain’s Got Talent; the show didn’t exist! But she did aspire to be discovered and, when the opportunity arose, she was right there to take advantage of it.

Are you prepared for the opportunity to fulfill your dreams? To paraphrase the movie character Dirty Harry, “You gotta ask yourself, are you feeling lucky?”

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