Open for _________

As a teacher of The Law of Attraction, it continues to be amusing how much and how often I have to re-learn how it works. I KNOW you get more of what you focus on. I KNOW I can control my focus. And yet, I still catch myself worrying, looking at what’s not working instead of what is, and giving my full attention to what I don’t have instead of staying focused on what I want.

Apparently it’s true that we teach what we most need to learn.

This week I have been reminded about what happens when you deliberately hang out a sign to the Universe.  Lest you think I’m actually painting signs and insanely pointing them at the sky, let me explain.

All over the world, shops let people know they are open for business by hanging out a sign that says so.  What they are “open” for depends on their business:

  • Please buy our ice cream
  • Enjoy our delicious coffee & bagels
  • We will clean your clothes
  • Let us cut your hair
  • Etc., etc.

This week I decided I wanted more work. In essence, that decision was like hanging out a sign that said, “Open for business.” Less than 24 hours later, I finally connected with a potential customer with whom I’d been exchanging emails. He booked a program for next summer. Then I got a coaching referral from a former client.  And just this morning I received a call from another client who wants me to come and speak to her association in April.

Open for business. The Universe heard my message.

In the past few months, my “Open for Business” sign has not been out. I’ve been travelling, having a great time exploring Europe and enjoying life.  My sign actually said the equivalent of “Gone fishin’.”

There’s nothing wrong with that.  I enjoyed every second but now I’m ready to work again. I love what I do and it feels like play so I hung my sign out.  The Law of Attraction kicked in and the Universe is responding as it always does.  When you get clear about what you want, the Universe delivers. No exception.

What sign(s) have you hung out?  Remember, that each one is a request for more.  Are you using your focused attention to post a request for:

  • Fun work or drudgery?
  • Loving relationships or negative drama?
  • Plenty of time or, “I’m so far behind it feels like my hair is on fire!”

What you pay attention to creates a big neon sign flashing to the Universe, “More of this, please!”  It’s difficult to grasp this concept because we THINK we are asking for what we want when we push against what we don’t.  That’s my dilemma.  I have such a habit of beating myself up when things are not working I forget that the awful feeling in the pit of my stomach is telling me I’ve lit up the wrong sign.

Your emotions are the purest indicator you have of whether you are focused on what you want or what you don’t want.  If you feel less than terrific, stop for a moment and consider what you’re focused on.  I guarantee it will always be something you don’t want (and oftentimes it will be something that’s actually none of your business).

Pretend you are a shopkeeper on a street where the Universe (a very rich customer) hangs out regularly. Hear that tinkling bell?  It’s the shop door opening as the Universe (in the form of customers) comes in. I hope your sign is a clear indicator of what you want because whatever is on there is what you will get.

Here’s my suggestion:  Open for living happily ever after.  That ought to cover it!

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