Dancing With Overwhelm

Are you feeling like there is just too much to do?

Too much to learn?

Not enough time?

Join the club!

Lately, I have been keenly aware that the list of things that could, should or “it would be nice” to get done is expanding quicker than the blob grew in that horror movie of old. I realize that it’s time to get back to basics.  It’s time to remember and then utilize what has worked in the past.  And that always brings me back to the bottom-line principle called The Law of Attraction that tells us we get more of what we focus on.

Like many teachers, I’ve neglected to apply what I teach to my own life.  How embarrassing.

So when you re-read the first two paragraphs, what does it tell you about where my focus has been?  Exactly!  I’ve focused on the problem and, here’s a shock, it’s getting worse!  Where have you misused focus to add steroids to some of your own problems?

It’s such a habit this looking at the problem. And it is impossible to break a habit because, as you attempt to, where is your focus?  What works well instead is to replace the habit that’s not serving you well with a new one that will.

So what is the fastest way out of overwhelm?

The answer is to develop the habit of celebrating what we’ve accomplished, even if we don’t think it’s nearly enough.  As we celebrate the accomplishments of each day—even the seemingly trivial ones—the more accomplishments we attract.  My negative focus threw me down the rabbit hole of “not enough.” As I begin to celebrate my accomplishments (and the first one is finishing and sending this blog), instead of spiraling downward, I begin to spiral upward and it’s a much more fun ride!

So I challenge you to take two minutes and write a list of everything you’ve accomplished today so far.  Then stand up and do whatever your version is of “the touchdown dance.”

For the rest of the day, when you’ve accomplished something more, do something to celebrate even if it’s to say, “Yes!” and pump your arm for emphasis.  Watch what a different day you’ll have.

Tell me how it goes. I’d love your feedback.

I’m off to do my touchdown dance!

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