Passionate Self Care – The Gift of Not Rushing

Passionate Self Care is mostly made up of small, seemingly insignificant things that, when added together, make a very large difference. Those of us who need to learn this all-important skill are thirsty for ways to do it. There are, however, creatures among us who already know how to take very good care of themselves. If any of them were to read my blogs on the subject they are likely to scratch their heads and think, “What’s the big deal about that? It’s just common sense!”

Well, so is not putting your hand on a hot stove but how many of us had to learn THAT the hard way?


A delicious and important way to passionately take care of yourself is to stop rushing.  It requires some proactive action on your part but the payoff is huge.

Procrastinating is at the heart of most rushing. We put off an assignment until the last minute.  We leave for an appointment five minutes later than we should have.  We take daily saunas the week before our class reunion, convinced we can lose those ten pounds (not ME—I’m just sayin.’)

Rushing is linked to adrenalin (if there’s something to get addicted to, I’ll always find it). For years I was an adrenalin junkie, starting the moment I woke up (late) and frantically tried to get myself together so I could get to school, and then later work, on time. It’s an AWFUL way to start your day and yet, there I was doing it over and over. And you wonder why I drank.

The simplest way to stop rushing is to always give yourself 10-15 minutes leeway.  Close your eyes for a moment and imagine what that might feel like.

What would it be like to actually taste and enjoy your breakfast each morning?  (Breakfast? Who has time for THAT?!?)

See yourself arriving early enough for your doctor’s appointment that you can read the four-year-old magazine telling you who won the Academy Awards.

Imagine driving your car without gripping the wheel so hard your knuckles are white.  Instead, you are enjoying the drive, admiring the scenery and singing along to the radio.


You arrive at your destination, leisurely gather together what you need to take with you before getting out to lock the car and actually notice where you’ve parked it. (I remember an incident when I was rushed to get to a workshop I was delivering. At the end of the day, when my feet hurt like hell, I was wandering around on every floor of the parking garage crying from fatigue while I tried to locate my car. It was pitiful.)

There are a number of good reasons for not rushing beyond the obvious one of just feeling better (which in and of itself is enough of an excuse to do it.)  One of the best reasons is that, when you are stressed out from rushing, your brain sends chemicals into your body that are not at all good for you. Stress causes all kinds of mischief and so much of the stress caused by rushing is avoidable!

Look, don’t take my word for it. Try it!  Try it for a week and see what a difference it makes. If it doesn’t work, I’ll happily refund your misery.

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