News Fast

My news fast continues. It’s easy for me right now. We are sailing in the Mediterranean so there are no televisions, newspapers or magazines on board. I am limited to my iPhone for cruising the ‘net. That’s too much work for anything other than crucial emails and the occasional lookup of data to settle a bet. Of course, I still have the NY Times and Washington Post proactively emailing me information. (I am waiting for a time when I am on my computer via Wi-Fi to ask them to stop.) and therein lies the test. IT IS SO TEMPTING to sneak a peek at the headlines, especially when talented writers are paid good money to make them irresistible to mere mortals like myself.

That’s the beauty of writing this blog. How can I peek when I’ve already committed to thousands of people that I would not? And so I delete those emails and each time I do, I celebrate a small yet virtuous victory.

Am I curious as to what’s going on? Here is the interesting answer–not really. I guess it’s because I already know. I am sure that on land, in every country,it is, “same story, different day.” the Law of Attraction that says, “You get more of what you focus on,” ensures that.those who are focused in fighting are seeing more conflict. Those who are focused on living happily ever after are achieving that.

Have you noticed that most if what’s in the news is none of our business? Why do we need to know that Kate Middleton sunbathed topless on private property? Are we really gat voyeuristic? (It’s a rhetorical question; no need to respond.)

While Bill and I are sailing, there is a feeling that our problems don’t actually exist, as if we’re impervious to them because of our location. Some might say I am hiding from them as surely as I am hiding from the news, and perhaps I am. Is it a bad thing? Not when, just like the news, there is little I can do about what we face.

Bill still has terminal cancer; I still face the possibility of losing my mate. And yet, right this minute everything is great. We are sailing from Corsica to Sardinia in beautiful weather. Our crew is comprised of two competent and fun people and, blessings for all, I don’t have to cook! (I keep the galley clean.)

Do I have a great life despite problems? Yes. I have for years–ever since I learned about how to use the Law of Attraction.

My life with Bill is the fulfillment of a desire I focused on for a long time: to find a mate with whom I would have a contest–who could spoil the other more. The beauty is that he thinks I do more for him and I think he does the most. We are both content.

All any of us can do, whether at home in our usual routines or on vacation is to be very clear what we have control over and what we do not. I have no control over most of what happens in the news and I certainly have no control over Bill’s illness.

Admittedly, there ARE things in the news that we can and want to do something about and I encourage any action that makes you feel better. We are fortunate to live in a technological age wherein you can find news about your interests without having to wade through headlines intended to shock and pull you in. With the Internet and search engines, the traditional media outlets are no longer our only source if news.

What are you trying to control that you cannot? The economy? The choices your loved ones make? Your boss’ opinion of you? You could do so much for your wellbeing by taking a close look at anything that is bringing you unhappiness. Ask yourself, “In this situation, what DO I have control over ?” the inevitable answer is that you can only control how you respond to the situation.

Do I have moments of despair? Of course I do, but they don’t last long. They don’t help Bill at all and they certainly don’t serve me well. How do I pull myself out? I stop focusing on what the future might hold and savor what we have now.

He is here beside me after having had a swim this morning. We are looking out at spectacular scenery, and we are in love. Like the Titanic, this boat could sink tomorrow and all my worry will have been in vain.

I guess what I feel about the News is this: we all have busy, full lives. I don’t know about you but I have trouble keeping up with news about family and friends. I don’t want to know more about Lady Gaga’s life than I do my niece’s life in Boston.

Do I really want to waste precious time focused on information about people I don’t know and situations I can’t influence? For me the answer is, “No.”

But oh, those headlines are enticing.

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