Happy Anniversary

This is the 11th Anniversary of my blog (originally referred to as “my column”) and it has been a joyous learning experience. Writing it is one of the few things in life I’ve done consistently, other than breathing in and out!

Initially, my focus was on continuing the teaching covered in my workshops, seminars and speeches—how to apply the Law of Attraction to improve the experience of work. Over the years it has evolved and I find myself wrestling with the obligation to deliver what you originally signed up for and my strong desire to write more about life in its totality.

Since I have taken a sabbatical from work to focus on taking care of my partner Bill on his journey with pancreatic cancer, I am also taking a sabbatical from writing about work. Instead, I will completely shift my blogging to the personal and begin to share with you how I am using the Law of Attraction to maintain my equilibrium in one of life’s most challenging situations—the grave and potentially terminal illness of a loved one.

What will that mean, specifically? It means I will write less about life’s practicalities and more about its poignancy. I will share with you the movies Bill and I watch that keep us hopeful and upbeat. I will introduce you to my heroes—people facing enormous challenges and overcoming them with dignity, grace and lots of humor. In addition to the above, I will provide listings of upbeat music, TV shows, videos, podcasts, news articles, quotes, lectures, jokes and books for you to enjoy. And I hope you will share your favorites with me so I can pass them along.

Every day, as Bill and I travel this path, I deepen my understanding that “one day at a time” is not just a homily to needlepoint on to a pillow but a profound way to live. Do I manage it all the time? Absolutely not.  There are days when deep sadness is my constant companion. I will share those experiences with you, as well, along with what I do to try and stay in the present. My crystal ball is broken and always has been. I sometimes forget that but am fortunate that messengers along the way remind me.  Many of you have been those messengers.

If you want to continue to travel this path with me, there is nothing to do. You will remain on my distribution list and I will continue to communicate with you as I have in the past and in some new and fun ways as we progress (video blogs, for example).  And you have my full permission to apply any of what you learn to your work situation!

If you would rather opt out, instructions for doing so are at the bottom of this email. I am glad we traveled this far together and wish you well. Feel free to check in at any time at my website: www.SilverSpeaks.com.

This week I want to draw your attention to a video by Louie Schwartzberg that joyously moved me in more ways that I can count. It’s called Gratitude and is a little over nine minutes. It starts a little slowly but DO NOT MISS from 3:28 on.  And for maximum joy watch it in full screen.


What a gift this man is to our world!

May your New Year be filled with people and events that show you the joy that life can be.

Much love,


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