Go ahead–MAKE me smile!

In response to my last blog entitled, “I forgot to…smile” my wonderful friend Monica sent me a HUGE collection of pictures she compiled from the internet with the subject line…you forgot to what????Here….I’ll help you…

I was blown away that she would take the time to put these together these just to make me smile. I can’t send you all of them. Some of them are a teensy bit inappropriate for everyone and some of them are inside jokes between her and me so I’ve picked my favorites to send.

If you’re like me, you often skip over these types of emails but please don’t.  One or more of these will cheer you up immensely, no water where you are on the emotional scale.

I don’t know why, but my personal favorites are the old guys. Oh! And the cats. No, wait–the dolphins!  Which of these most particularly strikes your fancy?