Unconditional Happiness

Despite some pretty major life challenges at present, I am on the whole, a very happy woman.  When I realized this, just the other day, it rather caught me by surprise.

Like many of you, I was raised in a culture in which I learned to be dissatisfied with what I have and to always strive for more. Wanting more and striving for it is not a problem. That creates growth.  What COULD BE a problem is what drives it. If dissatisfaction drives your ambition, then it truly doesn’t matter how much more you get or what you achieve; you’ll never be happy.

Remember, you get more of what you focus on. Dissatisfaction breeds more of the same.

Happiness does not depend on circumstances.

Happiness is a choice.  It is a way of looking at life and seeing beyond the immediate to the overall sweetness.  Yes, I have a partner with terminal cancer. I focus on the first part of that sentence, not the latter.

Yes, my children are often in emotional pain and that makes my heart hurt.  I focus on the fact that they are both working on it and making progress.  At their age I was also in emotional pain. We grow from it. With luck, they’ll arrive at the same place I am today—happy in spite of circumstances.

Dissatisfaction no longer drives me. I want to get better but not because I think there’s anything wrong. I remember a teacher long ago asking, “How good can you stand it?” That’s what drives me today.

So I am asking—how good can YOU stand it?

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Silver - June 18, 2015

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