La Dolce Vita (the Sweet Life)

There are moments in life that are worth savoring, no matter how seemingly insignificant. The ability to recognize them may very well be what happiness is all about.

There is a man in San Francisco who repairs shoes and the like. I always refer to him as a cobbler, a fact that never fails to amuse my friends. I’m from New England. When I was growing up, that’s what we called these tradesmen!

It is always an incredible pleasure to deal with my cobbler whose name I do not even know.  He has a sweet smile and his face lights up when he sees me. He always finds a solution to some of my weird requests (can you fix this belt?  It’s a cheap one but I love the buckle!) And he has a wry sense of humor that is evident in the set of his mouth.

There are other angels along the way: the waitress who is bee-bopping to the music playing in the restaurant, the grocery clerk who takes the time to really help me or the man sitting on the opposite aisle from the airplane right now who is speaking French (I don’t even care what he’s saying—what a lovely language! It is these types of interactions that make life, at times, incredibly sweet and I’m so grateful that I have the eyes and heart to recognize them.

What are some similar sweet moments in your life?

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