Appreciate the little things

When you’re living in a camper for the summer, you become incredibly grateful for things that may, under different circumstances, seem insignificant.

Trying not to spend money if we didn’t have to, I brought extra sheets from home for the trailer. The set of queen sheets for one of the beds was perfect. That’s where Bill sleeps. Because he tosses and turns quite a lot, I opted to sleep in the double bed. The sheets I brought are the right size but both are flat. The mattress is made of foam i.e., no weight to it so even if I did hospital corners the way my mother taught me all those years ago, the sheets came undone at night. It was driving me crazy.

Of course, it didn’t drive me crazy enough to want to invest in a full set of sheets when all I needed was a fitted one (are you sensing a theme here? I’m ch…ah, frugal). I couldn’t order online because where would they send it? I lived with it for a while. Then I went to Target and asked the question I had asked at several other stores, “Do you sell sheets separately?” The answer this time was, “Why, yes we do!” I nearly kissed the clerk who gave me the good news.

I bought the sheet (who cares if colors don’t match?), brought it back to the trailer and remade my bed. That night I was so happy you would have thought I was in a luxury bed at the Ritz Carlton Hotel.

We all think that the big things are going to determine whether or not we are comfortable when more often than not it’s the little things.

What are you putting up with that, if you just took care of it, would make a big difference in the quality of your life?

Happy 4th of July!


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