Holiday Greetings & A Gift

I am visiting with friends and family in my hometown of Rockland, Mass. I arrived several days ago just barely ahead of one storm and this morning woke up to another three inches of snow. While I enjoy the idea of a white Christmas, I am also being reminded, in a very dramatic way, why I never liked winter here. IT IS ICY!!! and SLIPPERY! and a BALMY 26 DEGREES!  But very pretty.

In this, my last blog for 2013, I want to extend a heartfelt thank you for your support over the last few years when Bill and I were side-by-side, fighting for his health with everything we had.  When he was first diagnosed with cancer, I thought I might have him for maybe six months. He fooled ‘em all and lived for 28!  That’s my guy!

Speaking of fooling them all, you may recall my blog of July 9th, What Would You Pay? about our friend Laura Grant who was Bill’s “cancer buddy.” We met her and her husband Ed at UCSF on the day both she and Bill found out they had pancreatic cancer.

I am happy to tell you that Laura is doing well. Before I traveled here, I accompanied her to the Block Center, the medical group that kept Bill alive eight months longer than anyone anticipated.  The trip served two purposes: I wanted to support Laura and also to thank the wonderful staff who took such good care of Bill.  It was a tear-filled reunion but very important for my healing and I think theirs. What a tough job they have!

Because it’s such a sad holiday for me this year, I am spending Christmas and New Year’s at a Writer’s Retreat in Vermont working on my book about change. My family understands it’s what I need and are supportive. It’s not a workshop. Their claim to fame is that they do everything for you (cook, make your bed, etc.) so all you have to do is write.  This will be a first for me: spending 10 days completely focused on writing. It will be interesting to see if I have the temperament for it.  And let’s not forget, the famous Bing Crosby movie White Christmas took place in Vermont!

My gift to you is a “re-gift” and given to you out of my own gratitude.  You may have seen this video already. If you have, it’s worth revisiting. If you have not seen Gratitude by Louis Schwartzberg, you are in for a rare treat. It starts a little slow but stay with it. You’ll be glad you did!

Here’s to a wonderful Season for all and a very Happy New Year!