Permission to Rampage, Sir!

I am excited to share what the past weeks have been like for me. I have been following the advice of Abraham Hicks, my spiritual teacher, to indulge in “Rampages of Appreciation” and the results have been amazing. And it’s so much fun!

Because I live alone, I can rampage out loud without worrying about someone calling for a straight jacket. Somehow this adds an extra “oomph” to the great feelings being produced. And never have I seen a more clear demonstration of how the Law of Attraction works.

The Law of Attraction says you get more of what you focus on. As I focus on all the things I appreciate and particularly, as I reach for more to add to the list, a momentum is created that sweeps me along in a delicious tidal wave of positive feelings.

These Rampages of Appreciation can be general or specific.


If you want to have an AMAZING day, do a morning rampage. It’s fun to start before you even get out of bed. Start thinking about all the things you appreciate about your life. Keep looking for more and more and more. Continue this rampage as you prepare for the day and as you travel to work, or wherever your first destination is.

At bedtime, if you want to have a restful sleep, do a rampage as you’re lying in bed drifting off. Think of all the things about your day that you appreciate.  Or focus on the wonderful bed, the feel of the sheets, your perfectly broken in pillow, etc. I guarantee that, when you do this at night, you will wake up the next morning in a very good mood!


If there’s something you want to improve, trust me when I tell you that the last thing you want to focus on is what you want to “fix.” Remember, the Law of Attraction gives you more of what you focus on. When you focus on the problem….well, you get the picture. Instead, do a specific Rampage of Appreciation.

Let’s say you don’t like your job. The more you focus on all the reasons for this, the worse it gets; have you noticed?  Instead, do a specific Rampage of Appreciation for your job. DON’T MAKE THINGS UP.  Look for things you appreciate no matter how seemingly minute. Is the commute an easy one? Are the hours convenient? Is the pay enough to sustain you? Is the work easy for you? Are there co-workers you like? Is there a restaurant close to work you enjoy? Simply begin looking for all the things you appreciate about your job.  You will be AMAZED by how transformative this is.

A word of caution: many people resist doing a Rampage of Appreciation about something bugging them for fear they will get stuck with it forever. “What if I focus on what I appreciate about my job and I’m no longer motivated enough to leave?” (Oh, horror!) Actually, the Law of Attraction has the opposite effect. If you leave a job (as an example) because of all the things you dislike about it, you will attract the same negative circumstances in your next job (or even, gasp! in retirement if that’s where you go).  On the other hand, if you focus on what you appreciate about your work, you will attract more of that into your life. Your new job will be full of those good things instead of the negative aspects you dragged with you.

Giving thanks is so revered by Americans that we even have a special holiday for it!  As we move toward Thanksgiving, have at least one Rampage per day and watch how very special that holiday is when it arrives!

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