Fantasy Island

Last week I had the privilege of spending half a day with Esther Hicks, of Abraham-Hicks fame. Esther and her late husband Jerry were pioneers in the Law of Attraction movement, teaching millions around the globe the principles of this law that simply says:  You get more of what you focus on.

Focus & Feeling – One of the things Esther shared was Abraham’s concept of “focus and feeling.”  In other words, focus on something, and then check how you are feeling.  If you are feeling positive, then you are in the mode of attracting what you want. If you are feeling negative, then it is your inner guidance system telling you, “If you stay focused where you’re focused, you are not going to like the results.”

Emotional Manifestation First – Esther also introduced the idea of emotional manifestation. This expression was new to me although the explanation was familiar. Basically, it’s a wonderful way to say that, when you focus on something, you first manifest it emotionally.

Emotional manifestation is very clear when you are worried.  You focus on “worst case scenarios” and, even though none of it has happened yet, it feels as if it has. And because worry is such a strong negative emotion, it puts you in a powerful position to attract the very thing you don’t want.  So, in essence, it has already manifested for you emotionally and, if left unchecked will ultimately manifest in reality.

One of my very favorite Abraham-Hicks quotes is, “Worry is using your imagination to attracting something you DON’T want!”

Conversely, when you are able to fantasize about something you want, focusing on “wonderful case scenarios,” it begins to feel as if it’s already happening, putting you in a powerful position to attract it. Let’s say you focus on being at the beach in Hawaii and you think about it so much that you can hear the waves and feel the sun on your face.  This “emotional manifestation” makes you happy and the real thing is closer to becoming reality. Surf’s up!

The bottom line is that we want what we want because we think that having it will make us happy. If you get happy first (and the fastest way to do that is to imagine that you already have what you want), then it will come to you—this is a wonderful paradox.

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