A Fun & Simple Use for Law of Attraction

Simply stated, The Law of Attraction dictates, “You get more of what you focus on.”

This can be a fun concept to play with, if you’re game. Are you?

carsYou’ve likely had the experience of deciding to buy a specific make and model of a car and then suddenly seeing it everywhere. Or deciding you can’t stand a certain song and then hearing it over and over (and over). That is the Law of Attraction at work. You get more of what you focus on (and resisting something means you’re focused on it).

A few years back I went through a period where I had grown really tired of Kenny G. Once I activated that thought with some amount of fervor, it was like he was stalking me. I heard him in elevators, on the radio, on TV—he seemed to be EVERYWHERE I was.

In the last month, I have had a lot of fun activating something I want with Law of Attraction. Here’s what happened:

I needed a kick in the backside to get me into gear for 2015 so I reviewed Tony Robbins’ CD program, Time for Your Life. I do this at least once a year. It has never failed to help me produce amazing outcomes.

As a result of working the program, I now have an action list, broken down into categories that I review once a week to plan my activities. One of the things I wrote down under the category Enthusiastic Learner was “Activate Law of Attraction daily to bring in the teachers I need.”

Wow! And double wow! This has worked at warp speed.

I have been studying how to offer many of my programs online. Every time I wonder how to do something that will move this project forward, the answer comes, without fail, in the form of an email, social media posting or a conversation with a friend. I cannot begin to estimate how many hundreds of hours of research this has saved me.  The teachers are appearing whenever I need them!

This online training project I am working on is a steep learning curve. It is not easy but it is certainly possible, as evidenced by the vast amount of online training now available. What I have learned over the years is to make sure I don’t empower, “This is too hard,” or “I can’t do this.” When I allow things to come to me easily, they do.

What’s coming easily to you, or what would you like to come to you easily?

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