Employee Engagement Tips that Really Work

TIP #1 – Spend 80% of your time with your top performers and the rest of your time with the others

 This works in two ways:

  • Invigorates those who are performing well to do even more
  • Demonstrates to the low performers that the way to get attention is through performance, not by making mistakes

TIP #2 – Treat employees like adults; don’t micro-manage

If your employee has been with you longer than 3 months and you still have to tell them step-by-step what to do or you have to continually follow up with them, there’s either a training issue on your end or a maturity problem on theirs. Either way, it is imperative that you take action unless you enjoy doing their job AND yours.

Tip #3 – Look for things to appreciate instead of things to criticize

Psychologists tell us that it takes seven positive statements to offset a negative one. When you look for things to appreciate about each team member, it goes a long way toward softening the critical feedback that is sometimes necessary.

Thank You Fotolia_78962939_XSTip #4 – Say thank you at least weekly

I once had a supervisor say to me, “You mean, I have to acknowledge them just for doing their jobs?!?” The short answer to that is, “Yes.” The longer answer went this way: I asked him, “If every one of your team came in every day and just did their jobs, would your work be much easier?” He ruefully admitted it would so I said, “THAT’S why you want to acknowledge them for “just” doing their jobs.”

Tip #5 – Give them a much autonomy as possible

Author/lecturer Dan Pink tells us that, to motivate employees, give them autonomy over: Time | Technique | Task | Team

Tips are great and the five above are among the best but they’ll only work if you try them. Try one/week and see what happens!!!

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