Good Delegation = Greater Productivity

Years ago I came across an amazing piece of data from the Productivity Management Institute:

1 hour of uninterrupted work time = 7 hours of interrupted work.

And you know what? The data hasn’t improved. In this world of constant communication via text, emails, phone calls and “drop in” visitors, it has become increasingly difficult to concentrate.

What does this have to do with effective delegation?

When details are not delegated clearly at the front end of a task or project, then the person or team working on it has to interrupt their concentration to seek out clarification. Therefore, a task or project that might take only an hour of uninterrupted effort could easily turn into a seven-hour job. It doesn’t take an efficiency expert to understand the impact on productivity and the cost in terms of labor, money and stress.

The question I want you to continually ponder is:

Why is it we don’t have time to plan in detail at the beginning but we ALWAYS have time to fix things when they’re done incorrectly?

(Adding more unproductive time to the equation.)

 Whenever I mention the name of my workshop, How to Get Others to WILLINGLY Do What Needs to Be Done, I inevitably hear, “Wow. I need that!” or, “My team could sure use that!” If either of these matches your reaction, then give me a call today. Allow me to come in and work with the leaders in your organization to improve productivity by teaching them how to delegate skillfully.

What could you do with the time gained?

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