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Back to Basics

The Law of Attraction dictates that you get more of what you focus on. Simply put, this means that when you focus on:

  • How stressed you are, you get even more stressed.
  • Your fatigue, your energy decreases even more.
  • The unfairness of something, you attract more injustice.

Stop for a moment and consider:  are you having a good day or a bad one?  What have you been focused on?

What could you focus on?

Focusing on what you want instead of what you don’t is very simple to say and yet often difficult to do.  If you have developed a life-long habit of looking at what’s wrong instead of what’s right it takes a good deal of practice to make looking for the positive your default mode. I’m still working on it 23 years after I first discovered this secret to a good life.

If focusing on the negative accomplishes what you want, I say go for it. But it never does.  Notice I didn’t say, “If looking at the negative accomplishes what you want…” I’m not suggesting you never look at problems. It is often necessary to look at the problem in order to figure out what you want.  But when we dwell on something, it gets bigger, not smaller. So look at the problem long enough to figure out what you want, then turn your back on it and focus on the solution.

I long for the day when, instead of boring everyone around us by talking about our problems, we share with them our excitement about solutions.

Instead of, “You won’t believe this awful thing that’s happening to me,” we’ll hear, “Wait until I tell you how I can solve this!”

What problems are you currently having?  How are you going about solving them?  As you discuss it with co-workers and friends, are you talking about the solution or are you only talking about the problem?

What beliefs do you have?  Are they serving you well?

I have a belief that I don’t lose things, only misplace them.  My belief got tested this week when I could not find my cell phone. When I realized it was missing, I called it a few times. No one answered.  Then I called the grocery store where I’d been shopping to find out if they had it. The answer was, “No.” So I called the phone company to turn it off.

The next day a friend suggested I to go to the grocery store to see if anyone had turned it in.  On my way there, I said to myself, “Where is your focus? You don’t lose things. It will show up.”  I got to the grocery store and sure enough, they had it!

If I had decided it was lost and focused on that, I would not have checked with the grocery store a second time.

When you focus on something being lost, it could be right where you look for it and you cannot see it because your mind believes you when you tell it the item is lost. How many times has someone else found something for you in the very place you’d already looked?

That is a microcosm of how the Law of Attraction works.  How can you use this to your advantage?

How about paying more attention to how you feel, and insisting on feeling good?  When you feel good, it is your inner guidance system signaling you, “If you stay focused where you’re currently focused, you are really going to like the results.”  When you’re negatively focused, you will definitely not like the results.

It truly is as simple as that. All that is required is practice, practice, practice.  Insist on feeling good and every time you start to feel otherwise, stop to examine where you are focused. You will find that the simple act of shifting your focus will make all the difference in your day and in your mood.

There’s a reason my motto is, “Change your focus, change your life!”

It works.

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