book-coverSilver Rose has been writing about the Law of Attraction for over 10 years. In this first collection of her highly-acclaimed columns, she teaches us how to attract a more fulfilling and satisfying life by focusing on three important areas: attitude, possibility and perspective.

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Attitude – What’s in It for You to Make Yours Positive

attitude-cdIn this recording of a live teleseminar by Silver, you will learn:

  • Why attitude is everything.
  • How your attitude affects your lifespan.
  • How to re-frame the circumstances oflife to develop a more positive attitude.

Audio CD – $11.95

Team-building Using Professional Communication

teamwork-cdIn this recording of a live teleseminar by Silver, you will learn:

  • Tips and techniques to improve communication with co-workers, employees and the public you serve.
  • Ways to build a stronger team environment.
  • Great questions and listening techniques that enable team members to get the information they need to succeed.

Audio CD – $11.95

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How to Have the Best Holidays EVER!!!holiday-ebook

The Holidays are the best possible time to leverage the Law of Attraction to produce the experience you dream of every year. In her latest e-book, Silver Rose shares her observations and secrets for creating a memorable season (and we’re talking GOOD memories). This book is jam-packed with humorous examples and easy-to-do exercises to produce the fond memories you deeply desire.
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