Thoughts That Motivate, Liberate Or Agitate

Questions, not directions if you want to inspire others to action.

The mark of a truly great manager is that no one notices when she’s not around.

If you want to exceed your sales targets, hire two-year-olds. They never take “no” for an answer.

Adults made up work as an excuse to play together.

People perform best in an organization with more open minds than closed doors.

Action cancels fear. Do something—anything—about what’s worrying you, and anxiety will take a seat far in the back of your mind.

Nothing reduces stress like laughter, yet in a crisis we often say, “A year from now, we’ll laugh about this.” Why not laugh about it today?

It’s fine to enjoy your work when all the people around you are complaining about theirs. It can be your little secret that you don’t fit in!

People have no trouble making decisions for negative reasons. So why do they think you’re naive if you decide something based on positive feelings?

Whatever we focus on grows, and the more we focus on it, the bigger it gets. Keep tapping your tongue on a broken tooth, and you’ll see!

If you indulge yourself in unhappiness—sometimes disguised as frustration, discontent or impatience—you can’t attract more of what will make you happy. You might as well expect Newton’s apple to fall up instead of down.

Brooding about punishing someone who has offended you is self-destructive. It’s like taking poison, hoping your enemy will die.

Worry is a waste. If your worst fears come true, you’ve suffered twice. If they don’t, you’ve suffered needlessly.

Wouldn’t it be great if we really could work our butts off?