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Passionate Self Care X – Measure for What You Want

Here is a simple description of how the Law of Attraction Works:  when you pay attention to something, you are placing an order with the Universe, “More of this, please.”  This is why it’s so important to be careful about what you measure. It’s a key component of practicing Passionate Self Care.

Want to have an easier commute?  Start by paying attention to how many good drivers you encounter along the way. When was the last time you heard someone say, “I had such a great commute today.  Everyone on the road was courteous and driving safely.”  My guess is NEVER, that’s the last time you heard someone say that.  What we hear about are the jerks on the road who were going way too fast or way too slow for our taste. If you measure for problems on your commute (or in any part of your life), that is precisely what you will get.

Wishing your boss was more ________ (fill in the blank)?  The Law of Attraction applied here is powerful.  Let’s say you want your boss to be more appreciative of the work you do.  You’ve already figured out that the more you focus on how much s/he doesn’t appreciate you, the less appreciation you get.  Hint:  no one can give you what you won’t give yourself. You will always attract people into your life who agree with your opinion of your self worth. If you want others to appreciate you, you must start by appreciating yourself.  What specifically have you done today that you’re proud of?  Have you patted yourself on the back and said, “Good job”?  Start measuring for what you do well and watch the change in how others treat you.

One of my favorite scenes in the movie What About Bob? was when Bob, played by Bill Murray overcomes his fear of sailing by having the crew tie him to the mast.  He sees his psychiatrist on the shore and yells, “Look, Dr. Marvin. I’m sailing!”

Bob is not measuring what he’s not doing (standing on the deck of the boat of his own accord).  He’s completely focused on what he has accomplished.  He’s sailing!  Bob is a good role model for us all.

We all have an Internal Guide who tells us at any moment what we are measuring.  If you feel any kind of negative emotion whether it’s slight annoyance or all the way to complete rage, it is telling you that you are measuring for what you do not want.  When you’re experiencing positive feelings, anything from calm to euphoria, your Internal Guide is telling you you’re measuring for what will make you happy.  And it’s coming your way.

Write and tell me how a slight shift in what you’re measuring has or could make a big difference in your life.  Change your focus; change your life!

This is the tenth installment in my series on Passionate Self Care.  Go to http://silverspeaks.com/blogs/ for related articles.

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