Feed the Fever

The Law of Attraction says, “You draw to you more of what you focus on.” Although you can do this at any time, regardless of your environment, it is so much easier in the Spring when you are surrounded with evidence that life is spectacularly abundant.

As you see the Earth start to awaken and burst forth with shoots of life, use the opportunity to feel yourself stirring to the possibility of what lies ahead. New Year’s resolutions are difficult because they are made in the dead of winter when so much of nature is sound asleep. The Spring is the best time to plan for your own personal growth because that’s when renewal begins.

We’ve all heard the expression, “Take time to smell the roses.” This is an excellent time to begin. The more you enjoy whatever your version of smell the roses is, the more you will be attracting to you all the things that are a match to that wondrous feeling.

What will be your new growth this year? What are the branches you’d like to add to your tree of life? Springtime is a time of revitalization and growth and it impacts us all, often in the form of Spring Fever—that feeling of restlessness which, at its very core, is a desire for growth. Just as each plant stretches toward the sun, so your own body, mind and soul stretch upward seeking adventures that will cause you to grow.

Use the splendor Mother Nature provides to nourish you on your journey. Pay attention to how you feel and the new growth within you. What urges are coming alive? What is stirring? What do you yearn for?

• Do you feel like singing?

• Does your body want to dance, walk, run, swim?

• Are you feeling warmer toward those people around you?

• Do you want to start a project?

Whatever is stirring, indulge it. Feed it your own special brand of plant food so it can continue to grow.

Ours is a fast-paced society and we often don’t take the time to listen to the messenger within that is trying to get our attention. The way it gets your attention is through your emotions. When you are experiencing negative emotions, the message is, “If you stay focused where you are focused, you are not going to like what you attract.” Conversely, when you are feeling good, it is saying to you, “You’re on the right track. Keep going. Everything you want is on its way.” The more you nurture that feeling, the faster what you want comes to you. It’s a beautiful system.

Mastery comes when you can focus on what you want and what makes you happy even when everything around you is bleak. However, until you get to Mastery, use the Spring and all its gifts to focus on the beauty and promise around you. In truth, Masters are smart enough to take this shortcut, why not you?

Don’t starve Spring fever—feed it. The more you do, the more you will be rewarded in ways you have only dreamed of.

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