Organizational Development Consulting

 Organizational Consulting

First, some facts:

  • Poll after poll reveals that the #1 concern of small to midsize businesses is how to grow revenue
  • According to Gallup, 70% of your employees are disengaged (and some are on your leadership team)
  • A study by payroll giant ADP puts the financial cost of each disengaged employee at $2,246.00
  • In real dollars and cents this means that for every 100 employees you have, disengagement is costing your company $157,220 per year.

Trying to increase profitability in the face of large scale disengagement is akin to shoveling snow in a blizzard!

Silver has customized programs for  your company to address any or all of the following:

  • Employee disengagement
  • Leadership issues that are impacting productivity
  • Attracting and keeping top talent
  • Employees’ taking ownership
  • Team members’ abilities to get along with clients, bosses, vendors and each other
  • Gaps in interpersonal skills that may be hindering company performance
  • Obstacles to teamwork/collaboration
  • Embracing change