This is my most rewarding role—to be an unbiased sounding board for senior leaders seeking to brainstorm sensitive issues with someone external to the organization.


    • Employee Re-Engagement  – Most leaders know how to use command & control to get things done. That’s when employees “check out.” I work with leaders to get the best of of their team by showing them how to re-engage them in the vision and the work.
    • Improved Delegation – Most managers are doing too much of the work staff should be doing. (“It’s just easier to do it myself.”)
    • Performance Feedback – If there even is performance feedback, it’s usually in the form of managers becoming hyper-focused on what staff does wrong and wondering why they continue to get more of the same. I show them how to turn that around to get the performance they desire.
    • Performance Plans – Since “you get more of what you focus on,” Performance Plans, when actually implemented are a perfect tool to get both manager and employee focused on deliverables. I work with managers to turn these plans into “living, breathing” tools.