Attractive Energy

I’m a people-watcher. I enjoy observing the scenes of life as they unfold around me and then considering what they might mean.

Of late, I’ve been noticing people’s energy. I’m not talking about auras—I leave that up to those who have that gift. My definition of energy falls more easily under the umbrella of attitude and its impact on the individual and those around them.

Does their energy attract or repel?

Last week, I was involved in one example of each.

First Scenario: I went into an office supply store armed with a discount coupon that entitled me to $25 off if I purchased $125 or more in product. I had been there earlier that day to buy some files and noticed a bookshelf I wanted. However, I needed to go home and measure first to make sure it was the right size.

I got to the checkout stand with the bookcase and a Bluetooth headset, confident I had more than enough to earn my $25 discount. Instead, the woman behind the counter informed me that the coupon did not cover electronics so I did not have enough.

Not to be deterred, I explained that I had been in earlier that day and made a purchase of office supplies that would entitle me to the discount. Could she look it up in her register? “We can’t do that,” she replied unapologetically. “What if I gave you the credit card I used? That’s how they do it at Home Depot.” Again, without apology she replied, “Ma’am, this is not Home Depot. We cannot do that.”

Now I’m starting to catch her energy. I’m not upset by the situation but by her seemingly total lack of regard for the fact that I am the customer who pays her salary (don’t we get worked up into frenzy when we are indignant?) I tried to find my receipt for the morning’s purchase but it did not appear to be in my wallet. So I asked them to hold the bookcase so I could go home and find the receipt.

In the car, away from her negative energy I took a few deep breaths and talked myself back into calmness. I easily found the receipt I’d been looking for and was able to go back in and purchase what I wanted WITH the $25 discount. And here’s the funny part. The 5-10 minutes of separation seemed to have done her some good, as well. She apologized for the problem, told me that not storing credit card information was for my protection (which made sense) and by the end of our transaction was calling me “Hon.”

Second Scenario: My friend Victoria and I went into a restaurant and were seated in a booth by the window. Our server, a fresh-faced 20-something young woman walked up, gave us a great big smile and said, “What can I get you to drink?” Not only was her smile genuine, her energy was amazing—she oozed with “happy to be alive” and “so glad to have this job.” Her name was Sara.

I am always in a good mood when I’m about to be fed but my mood on this particular morning improved significantly because of Sara. Her energy definitely attracted.

What about your energy? Does it attract or repel? If you want to know, look at what shows up around you. The day I was embroiled in the First Scenario, I wondered how I had attracted this woman whose energy definitely repelled. How or why is irrelevant, really—the fact is, I had attracted it. However, instead of feeding her negativity by insisting on my rights as a customer, I had the presence of mind to go to the car and calm down. It’s not surprising that, when I returned, she had shifted, too. You see, I was no longer attracting that type of energy.

The Law of Attraction dictates that you can only attract that which is a match to your own energy. This is great news when you use it to your advantage. If you want those around you to shift, look at your own energy. Does it attract or repel?

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