What Are You Denying Yourself?

I love music and I love to dance. I recently bought some new CD’s that I could dance to (Pink, Brittney Spears). As I “test marketed” them in the car on the way home from the store, I realized how long it has been since I’ve danced to music that was this much fun.

Yesterday, my friend Carol mentioned to me that she never seems to get to gardening, even though she loves it.

Many of us are waiting for retirement to do the things we really love. One of my favorite literary characters is a fellow by the name of Travis McGee. Travis is of the considered opinion that the notion of working 30 years and retiring when you’re older is just foolish. He takes his retirement in chunks. He works a job, tucks the money away and retires. When the money gets to a certain point, he goes back to work. He figures this way, he’s taking his retirement when he’s actually young enough to do the things he loves.

Now, most of us can’t do what Travis does, or we’re unwilling to take the risk. But we can take our retirement in smaller chunks – they’re called weekends and vacations. But most of us fill up our weekends and vacations with a whole lot of work!

What is something you love that you’ve been denying yourself? I don’t care if it’s writing a symphony or simply cuddling with your honey, it’s important to start doing it now.

What is all this other stuff that’s more important?

Is it watching television? I don’t care how many times you watch it, folks Gilligan is NOT getting off that island (and one can only hope the same is true for those people on “Lost”).

Is it making your front yard more beautiful? Have you ever stopped to think that your neighbors are getting more enjoyment out of gazing at your front yard than you are?

Is it shopping? Unless this falls under the category of something you absolutely love to do…

What are you denying yourself?

It’s important question to answer because it impacts how you are harnessing the Law of Attraction. You see, the “magnet” called self-sacrifice can only draw to it more self-sacrifice. If you’re denying yourself an activity that your soul craves, then it doesn’t feel good. When you don’t feel good, you are in a position to attract other circumstances that feel equally uncomfortable (remember, “like attracts like”). So by not doing something you absolutely love, you set up an ongoing scenario that puts you further and further away from a satisfying day-to-day life.

And, even if you don’t believe ANY of that, do something you love because you deserve to feel good!

What would life be like if we completely devoted just one weekend a month to doing something we absolutely love to do?

Look at your calendar – now. Pick a weekend within the next month that you will set aside to do whatever you love to do: garden, write, read, go hiking, go sightseeing, visit some local museums, or take a small trip. Make this a monthly ritual and just watch how much better your life in between gets. You see, as you are feeling more fulfilled, you will naturally attract more circumstances that will make you feel even more fulfilled. That’s the way it works: like attracts like.

I want to start a Travis McGee movement – people all over the world taking their retirement in chunks.

Who’s with me?

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