What About Bob?

(1991, Bill Murray and Richard Dreyfuss)

Laughter is the best medicine, and when someone I know is very ill emotionally or physically, I send them this film. It is a wonderful farce with laugh-out-loud humor.

Bob Wiley (Bill Murray) suffers phobias too numerous to count and literally drives his psychiatrist, the uptight and snobby Dr. Lee Marvin (Richard Dreyfuss), crazy, even pursuing him on his family vacation. Worse, Dr. Marvin has written a self-help book based on his therapy of Bob, but sees his Baby Steps assist Bob in making a giant leap into the media spotlight instead.

My favorite scene: Dr. Marvin gritting his teeth as Bob dines with his family and compliments Mrs. Marvin’s cooking by moaning, “Mmmm. MMmm. MMMM.” The family giggles with pleasure until the doctor snaps and starts screaming insanely at Bob.

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