The Match Game

There is really only one thing I teach – how to harness The Law of Attraction to full advantage. Simply stated, this universal principle says, “You get what you focus on,” or, stated another way, “You attract what you are.”

Since you attract what you are, you can see why there are things or circumstances you want that aren’t coming to you:

  • You cannot attract a promotion when you are feeling unappreciated
  • You cannot attract a raise when you are feeling strapped for cash
  • You cannot attract work you enjoy when you are complaining (to others or to yourself) about the work you are doing

You cannot attract anything until you and it are “a match”.

Think of life as The Match Game. If you are old enough to remember that TV game show (or you’ve seen re-runs on cable TV), then you know that the object of the game was to match items to one another. The more you matched, the more you won.  The same is true in life as long as you match what you want. Unfortunately, most of us spend our time unconsciously matching what we do not want and end up feeling like we’ve lost.

I say unconsciously matching because I’ve been observing my own Match Game for years now and lately, I’ve begun to notice just how subtly I can focus on things I don’t want without even noticing that I’m doing it. When I am making judgments about people or situations that I don’t approve of or do not like, my attention to them is attracting them to me.

For example, last week I made an observation about my friend Maude (not her real name, of course) which prompted me to think, “I can’t believe how difficult she makes things for herself. I wish she could figure out a simple way to get the results she wants.” The rest of the day, everything I touched seemed to have an unanticipated problem. Suddenly, I was complicating everything – and it was because I had made myself a match to what I’d judged in Maude.

As my teacher, Esther Hicks says, “The formula for creating what you want is simple: Identify the desire and then vibrationally match it.”

If you can’t match it by observation, then you must match it through your imagination. For example, if a co-worker is behaving in a way you don’t like, then you cannot observe in her the behavior you want; it’s not there You must develop a picture in your mind of what it would look like if she started to behave the way you want. It would be useful to find someone else who DOES behave the way you want and use that observation to further develop the picture in your mind.

Until you can fully visualize the desired behavior and STOP observing the opposite, she will never act the way you want – it is not a match. In the Match Game it would be like flipping over a card that has a frowning face on it and trying to match it with a smiling face. It’s not a match and never will be. No matter how much you criticize the frowning card, or tell other people how much you wish the frowning card would change – the frowning card is not going to turn into a smiling card. Put your attention on the smiling card and you will attract other cards that match it.

Let me tell you how to be a big winner in The Match Game every day. Don’t worry at all about what you’re thinking or saying. Simply pay attention to how you are feeling.

When you feel satisfaction, happiness, joy or any positive emotion, you are automatically a match to anything else that would make you feel that way. The more you focus on being happy, the more what you want is a match. Would that new project at work make you happy? Then work on creating that feeling of happiness now and you will be a match to it. Would getting your work completed make you happy? Then work on creating in yourself what it would feel like to already be there and you will get there naturally – it’s a match!

The Match Game – with your host, Law of Attraction!

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