Goal: More Happy Moments

A happy life is just a string of happy moments. But most people don’t allow the happy moments because they are SO BUSY trying to get a happy life.

                                     – Esther Hicks

Years ago, this quote was taped to the wall in front of my desk. Today, many desks and many years later it crossed my mind. I realize it’s time to have this reminder front and center once again.

I think it crossed my mind because this weekend Bill and I went river boarding, a wild, non-Olympic sport (which means it’s either too tame or too crazy to be organized, I’m not sure which).  Preparation consists of donning a wetsuit, kneepads, helmet, flippers, lifejacket (a clue!) and grabbing a thick, buoyant boogie-board lookalike with handholds. You gently drift down the river, enjoying the serenity until suddenly, you realize the water is moving faster and straight ahead it’s looking like churning snow. As I surfed the Class 3-4 rapids, adrenalin was pumping through my veins and I kept thinking, “I’m doing it! I’m doing it!”  Of course, at one point that same thought was stopped mid-sentence when the current took me under and attempted to rip the board out of my hands. To say I prevailed would be a gross overstatement. Let’s just say I still had hold of the board in my right hand. No gold medal, or even silver which doesn’t seem right, but at least not a DNF (did not finish).

Along the way there were some amazing moments. We disturbed a flock of about a dozen Canadian geese and they took flight over the river in magnificent formation. Then there was the sound of snapping twigs that caused me to look to my right just in time to see a deer bounding up the hillside. And finally, there was the fisherman pumping his fist in encouragement, or did I misread that?

There were the moments I looked at Bill, fighting cancer as he is and STILL grabbing life with gusto. I basked in his praise when he told me, “You’re doing great, honey!”

But the single moment that triggered the memory of the quote came as we made our way on foot back up the river. You see, the river only flows one way and even though we’d taken that into account, stashing clothes for Bill to change into so he could hitch-hike back to the car, we still had about a half mile, trail-free walk through the woods over some very large rock formations to get to the place where he COULD hitch-hike.

Maybe I shouldn’t reveal this part of my character but since Bill had planned all of this, instead of being tired and cranky, I was nearly euphoric with the knowledge that none of this was my fault!  I wasn’t at all upset with him; just glad I hadn’t caused him this hardship, as exhausted as he was.

The Moment

After a particularly hard climb, we start getting hot in our wetsuits and decide to cool off in the river.  As we lay back on the riverbank, our heads comfortably cushioned by our helmets and our bodies gently drifting in the water, I can see the blue sky above. I hear my favorite sound—the sounds of the rapids—and occasionally a bird serenades us. The wind is gently moving the leaves of the tree above our head.  I look over at the man I love and admire so much and silently whisper to the Universe, ”Thank you.”

In that single moment, I had achieved a happy life.


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